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Erdogen's Plea for an Independent Kurdistan

Today, Turkey's President Tayyip Erdogen's, said he stood with the "freedom fighters" in the Gaza Strip. He might even declare war on Israel.

Wow, here's the problem with that. Turkey has its own separatist issue. In the Eastern part of Turkey, there is a movement for an Independent Kurdistan. Part of the reason Palestine doesn't have a country is because they won't renounce violence in exchange for statehood. "Kurdistan" would renounce violence in exchange for statehood in one second.

Everything Erdogen said today could be applied to Kurdistan. You've heard of the Kurds, they fought ISIS in Iraq.

Independent Kurdistan

Erdogen called Gazans freedom fighters? Under Erdogen's interpretation of the Middle East, Kurds would be called freedom fighters.

Erdogen said he supports a Palestinian State? Under Erdogen's interpretation of the Middle East, he would support an Independent Kurdistan.

Erdogen called Israel an occupier? Under Erdogen's interpretation of the Middle East, he himself would be considered an occupier.

Erdogen may send troops to Gaza? As soon as Turkey's troops are in the Mediterranean Sea, if I was the leader of Kurdistan Independence Movement, I would declare independence from Turkey. I would call Washington and beg them to recognize Kurdistan as a country immediately.

If Erdogen wanted to really help stabilize the situation in Gaza, he would take in Palestinian Refugees. Palestinian refugees in Turkey? Zero. 5 million Palestinian refugees dot the OPT, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon. There are also smaller refugee populations in Iraq and Egypt.

What Erdogen is trying to do is capitalize on Anti-Israeli sentiment in the region to improve his image in Muslim countries who see Turkey as part of "the West."

Just last month, Turkey bombed separatist Kurds in Northern Iraq, so don't get confused when Erdogen talks. He is simply anti-semitic, under the guise of supporting Palestine.

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