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I Voted in Ohio

Now a lot of talk never really turns into action, but yesterday, yesterday was a day of action.

As a Libertarian-leaning website, we voted our philosophy...and won.

Issue 1:


When the Supreme Court threw the issue of abortion back to the states, my wife was upset with the justices. I told her "then make sure you vote when the issue gets on the ballot."

In the summer, when Pro-Life activists got on the ballot first, she voted No.

Yesterday she voted Yes to protect Pro-Choice options in the state.

The correct option for Abortion is Choice.

The final decision should come between a woman and her doctor.

We're all adults here, there are lots of places a man can put his sperm if he doesn't want kids.

If you don't want an abortion, no one is making you get one. If you go to your priest and he says "abortion is murder." Guess what? That priest has free speech and is protecting the tenets of his religion. Don't get that abortion. But, again, the state is not the church.

In a free society, it is your right to have, or not have, an abortion.

Issue 2:


Went to Michigan this Summer and visited a Marijuana Dispensary. It was bright, clean, and as professional as any pharmacy in Ohio. Except the employees were WAY nicer.

The correct option for Marijuana is Choice.

If you want marijuana, it should be an option

If your employer says you can't smoke marijuana, then I guess you can't smoke marijuana, just like certain jobs require that you can't drink alcohol.

I told my boss at work that I visited a Dispensary and she had me drug tested with cause immediately. Guess who passed? I don't smoke marijuana, never have. Just because I don't smoke marijuana, doesn't mean you shouldn't have access to it. Why did I visit a dispensary if I don't smoke pot? I never said I went by myself.

(I also know that I can't trust my boss, which is a different story for a different day.)

In a free society, it is your right to smoke, or not smoke, marijuana.

Listen, marijuana is basically alcohol, I don't drink either, I have very few vices, I am the human version of a fat stick in the mud. Cheeseburgers and Coca Cola, those are my weaknesses. Lots of people out there want to ban meat and sugar. If you don't want to smoke that joint, don't smoke it, if you don't want to eat that cheeseburger, don't eat it.

"Fred Hunt, where are your red lines?"

My kid is a budding musician and I tell him every week "don't do heroin." That should NEVER be legal.

If you live somewhere else in this fine country and claim that you would have voted for both issues if they were on your state's ballot, but you're not a Libertarian, maybe you secretly are.

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