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Impeach Backstabbing Democrats

Do you know where I write this Blog from? Suburban Cleveland, Ohio.

You know the last time I spoke with President Biden? He doesn't take calls from Beacon of Speech. When did we first question Biden's cognitive decline? August of 2021.

Chris Cillizza at CNN, who covered the White House in 2021, was angry that Republicans wouldn't stop attacking Biden's mental acumen. So our reply was Biden and Trump BOTH should be independently evaluated.


What was my tip off something was wrong with Biden? He wouldn't do press conferences. If Putin wasn't seen for a week, the Western Media speculated he was dead. If Kim Jung Un wasn't seen for a week, Western Media gleefully assumed that he surely must be dead. But somehow Joe Biden would get a pass with his disappearing acts?

That was 3 years ago.

As whispers became clamoring over the years, no Democrat would go on the record questioning Biden's decline. None. Joe Biden went through the entire primary cycle and no Democrat grabbed a microphone and said "what the hell is going on here?"

But here's the crime. Whatever I wrote was based on clues from 500 miles away. When Michael Moore came out yesterday and accused Biden's staff of "elder abuse," he, too, spoke based on rumors and what he witnessed on TV in Michigan.

Representative Don Beyer said "Biden can't string 2 sentences together." But just a week ago, Beyer was hosting Biden Fundraising Dinners.

Impeach Don Beyer. He knew the score first hand and chose party over country- Until it wasn't cool to pick party over country.

According to Newsweek, there's now a list of Democrats calling for Joe Biden to resign. They're all "shocked" by his debate performance.

At some point, you need to weed out the Democrats that were tricked (Moore) and the Democrats that were doing the tricking (Beyer).


In May, we were taking a serious look at RFK Jr. for President. A very brief synopsis, RFK Jr. is just a Rogue Democrat that likes conspiracy theories.

We, as a website, WANTED to endorse RFK Jr., we were looking for reasons to do it. But then he admitted that a worm ate part of his brain.

From our article The Brain Game: "Don't you think that (having had a worm eat part of your brain) should disqualify you from being president??? I can't believe we're even having this conversation....

Yes, I know Donald Trump is on trial. Yes, I know that Donald Trump has been falling asleep during the trial. Stories are everywhere that Trump has cognitive decline. And he's a criminal. And, if elected, he will morph into "Old Hitler..."

And yes, I know Joe Biden looks like the walking dead. Yes, I know that Joe Biden is like an old Christmas Ornament, wrapped in faded newspaper and only brought out for special occasions. Stories are everywhere that Biden has cognitive decline. And, if elected, this country will descend into communism....

But is having a presidential candidate with a full mental capacity really too much to ask?

RFK Jr's strategy was "if I admit my cognitive problems, surely Biden and Trump will do the same."

Uh, RFK Jr. played his hand very, very badly. The Brain Worm was RFK Jr.'s "Aleppo Moment."

Technically though, RFK Jr. was right. He came out and challenged Biden on the record.

If Biden is forced off the ticket, and I fully anticipate that will happen before the convention, there's too many sharks in the water, there should be ramifications for those who protected him.


As of today, we are leaning toward voting for Libertarian Chase Oliver in the Fall.

Would we consider voting for Kamala Harris in November if she took over the top of the Democrat ticket? She seems like she has all of her faculties.

Let me turn the question around on you. What do you think the chances are that Vice President Harris was aware of Biden's steep mental decline?



Are you cool that she was going to try to Trojan Horse her way to the Presidency?

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1 Comment

Paul Morton
Paul Morton
Jul 09

I agree that those who knew Biden was not able to do the job and did lie about it should be rejected for integrity reasons. But just having a working brain is not enough to lead the free world. The president also needs to have the right vision for the country. The progressive polices of open borders, gender fluidity, big government, America as raciest, weak America, soft on China, Iran and Russia, Tax and Spend or way to prosperity, and radical green agenda are "self-destructive" for a nation. We need a better vision more than a nice person. We need a leader not a parent.

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