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You Would Kill Hitler, Right?

Updated: Feb 10

(The working title was: Dean Obeidallah - Time to Step Your Game Up)

CNN's Dean Obeidallah is at it again.

First of all, we don't like Dean Obeidallah at all. He is a partisan hack.

But I am REALLY tiring of Obeidallah's act. Last Sunday he wrote the article:

It was almost Obeidallah's 100th Anti-Trump article. What was the straw that broke the camel's back this past weekend? "But Trump has gone well beyond rejecting democratic norms. He has rejected democracy itself-"

Alright, alright. For the record, I do not like Trump. I think of Donald Trump as a Narcissistic Businessman who only cares about one thing: Donald Trump. I also do not like Biden. I think of Joe Biden as a Career Politician about a decade past his expiration date.

Neither man is the Fascist Overlord that the opposite party portrays them to be.

But if you sneak on over to Substack, Obeidallah is a bit stronger with his language than what he portrays at CNN. Obeidallah says that Trump is Hitler and MAGA are Nazis.

I don't believe any major American politician, right now, is Hitler.

Let's say that Obeidallah is right though, Trump is Hitler. Wouldn't you try to kill Hitler? I am being dead serious here. I don't advocate violence against any politician, but if you really thought the re-incarnation of Hitler was alive, wouldn't you try to kill him? A top-end CNN reporter would have almost unfettered access to a former president.

History portrayed the Germans as mostly going along with Hitler's plans of world domination, but if you look in the fine print of the history books, a lot of smart Germans saw the writing on the wall. There were over 40 assassination plots focused on Hitler both before and during his reign.

Killing Trump wouldn't be a philosophical quandary like going back in time and killing Baby Hitler, Trump's nearly 80 year old, he's mostly lived the life that he's going to lead. "Old" Adolf Hitler offed himself in that bunker at age 56 --pause-- You're shocked that I'm being so glib about this topic?

Listen, all of these talking heads on the left comparing Trump to Hitler are simply trying to scare Low-Information Voters (LIVs) into voting for Biden. You and I may be tuned in, but vast swaths of this nation simply do not care. A few thousand people actually voted in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada, nobody looked at the minuscule numbers, and, all of a sudden, LIVs believe that there's only 2 choices for president. Then, they read the headlines that Trump is Hitler, or listen to Obeidallah's Podcast and think, "wow, Hitler is bad," better vote for Biden. Instead of seeing what Joe Biden is about, or how much big-money political machines manipulate the process, those LIVs just make more Tik Tok videos and vote Blue.

Adolf Hitler wrote Mein Kampf while in prison. Donald Trump wrote....actually Donald Trump didn't even write his most famous book Art of the Deal. Ghostwriter Tony Schwartz admitted a decade ago "I wrote the Art of the Deal-- I put lipstick on a pig." But there is an incredible literary gap, and no philosophical overlap, in those two missives.

If you're going to argue that some of Donald Trump's recent anti-immigration jingoism echoes Hitler, you've got to stay consistent. Rashida Tlaib's diatribes against Jews are also eerily familiar.

Does Dean Obeidallah now want to go on the record and call Tlaib "Black Hitler" and tell his listeners not to vote (D), please vote for a third party choice, like Robert Kennedy Jr? Of course not. Dean O's not an independent thinker, he's just another pawn in Political Theatre.

If Obeidallah really killed Trump, if deep in his heart of hearts he is that stupid, he would risk making Trump a martyr and he'd have to spend the rest of his life in jail. Maybe even face the death penalty.

So, using logic, that means since Trump is still alive, either Obeidallah doesn't want to kill Hitler (Trump) because he enjoys the Rich Privilege that working for a multi-national corporation has afforded him. [Doubtful.]

Or, he knows that he is simply a propagandist that enjoys calling his enemies Hitler for effect. Everyone right of center is a Nazi. [Probable.]

Either way, that is a bad core philosophy for a writer that claims to have a moral compass.

You can call Donald Trump anything you like.

He's not any of those things. He's a helpful Boogeyman to trick you into buying left-wing talking points. Every time you demonize Trump, you aren't selling your policies, you are simply asking LIVs to vote against something.

We are a libertarian-leaning website that tries to preach voting for people, versus voting against people.

But in the year 2024, what are we supposed to do?

Vote for the Senile ol' Man that leaves State Secrets by the toilet?

Or vote for the Senile ol' Man that leaves State Secrets in his garage.

Editor's Note: Yes, we know Rashida Tlaib isn't Black. But according to Dean Obeidallah, everyone who isn't White, is Black, when beating the drum about white supremacy.


Literally 5 minutes after pushing the Publish button.

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