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Donald Trump's Poor Taste in Music

On January 6, 2021, there was a riot, not an insurrection, in the nation's capital. In true Donald Trump fashion, he danced to the musical stylings of Laura Branigan, an inexplicable choice for a riot.

The Estate of Laura Branigan was mortified that her hit song Gloria was being associated with the events of Jan. 6th, whereas we at Beacon of Speech asked "Laura Branigan has an Estate?"

Last week there was a similar incident where Donald Trump played Nothing Compares 2 U at a Super Tuesday Campaign Rally. Though a beautiful song, hardly a great choice to get the masses riled up to vote.

The Estate of Sinead O'Connor was similarly distraught considering that Sinead herself considered Donald Trump to be the "Biblical Devil."

Now if I were Donald Trump's Campaign Manager, I would revamp his playlist immediately. I would focus on up-tempo pieces meant to motivate the masses into action.

Catch Us If You Can by the Dave Clark Five

I think this is one of the most catchy hits of the 1960's. I could envision Trump walking up to the mic and doing a playful dodge and parry as he dared Joe Biden to "catch me if you can." The soundbite would be the lead story on every nightly news program.

Chances of the Estate Being Mortified: Dave Clark is alive and well in Great Britain. Though Dave Clark has long ago withdrawn from music, there may be some confusion here. A few years back "The Baron of Techno" Dave Clarke said he wouldn't perform in America as long as Trump was President.

I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor

Yeah, I picked this song so I'd have a chance to post this:

Chance of the Estate Being Mortified: Gaynor is also very much alive, though it is doubtful that she's a Trump Supporter. After Trump's victory in 2016, a bunch of arrogant celebrities sang "I Will Survive" in relation to their thoughts on a Trump Presidency. Many in the LGBT Movement consider I Will Survive their anthem. We will expand on that later-

We Are the Champions by Queen

Both Mercury and Trump have little patience for losers.

Chance of the Estate Being Mortified: Both Queen and Prince's Estate have already issued cease and desist orders to Donald Trump. Due to the late-Freddie Mercury's Marital Status, most of his business decisions are still tied to the band.

Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow by Fleetwood Mac

It would be hilarious if Donald Trump tried to hijack the anthem of the Clinton Years.

Chance of the Estate Being Mortified: Living and Dead Fleetwood Mac members would all agree they don't want Donald Trump using their music. I don't think Trump is cognizant enough to associate this specific song to the Clintons. Which leads us to the next song-

Testify by Rage Against the Machine

Every few years, casual music fans are stunned that Rage is a political band. I could make the argument that they're the most political band since the 1960's. With that being said, I could definitely envision an oblivious Donald Trump standing in front of a large crowd and bellowing "now testify!"

Chance of the Estate Being Mortified: All members are still alive and the only thing they agree on is left-wing talking points. All 4 musicians have denounced or mocked Donald Trump over the past quarter century. They haven't made any new music together in those 25 years, but they have been politically active.

Born This Way by Lady Gaga

Not only would Gaga be aghast at Trump shimmying to one of her biggest hits, the Little Monsters, many vocal in the LGBT Movement, would convulse with terror at such a sight.

But that mental picture begets a bigger question: What is fair use? Lady Gaga has a long list of corporate partnerships. Does she vet each company? Many LGBT favorites have crossed over into the mainstream, what's the difference between political use and corporate use? Back in the year 2000 when Donald Trump ran for President on the Reform Party ticket, he flirted with Oprah Winfrey as his vice-presidential pick. In that election cycle, Trump painted himself as fiscally conservative and socially liberal. Today he's just a populist-

You're screaming at me that Donald Trump does not support LGBT rights?

When Republican Trump was President:

Did he arrest LGBT artists? No.

Did he put LGBT artists into camps? No.

Did he execute LGBT leaders? No.

LGBT citizens still enjoy more freedoms in America than in 90% of other countries.

Conservative leaders in other countries actually persecute LGBT citizens.

In Saudi Arabia, Prince Mohammed bin Salman is actively killing those who promote the LGBT lifestyle. Trump's "crime?" Not being as left-leaning as Biden.

Chance of the Estate Being Mortified: Lady Gaga is by far the youngest and most alive of this specific group of artists. Lady Gaga DID NOT endorse Donald Trump for President, but a squatter on Instagram @ladygaga did.


If Donald Trump had real balls, he'd embrace everyone calling him the devil, roll up to the podium at a political rally and scowl "this is where your faith is," as Marilyn Manson's song 1996 blared.

Or, maybe Donald Trump should just find a rabid supporter and play his best song ....

The funniest part of this whole concept is, when pressed about his favorite musical taste, Donald Trump replied "I prefer Golf."


You think this argument is absurd?

Just last week, when Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny's casket was being lowered into the ground, the sounds of Frank Sinatra's echoed through the air. Which, to me, seems strange for a Russian Nationalist.

What's even stranger is that one of CNN's resident hacks, Richard Galant, claimed that My Way is also one of Vladimir Putin's favorite songs...

And Donald Trump's...

And Joe Biden's....

What do you do with that? At some point, there HAS to be a delineation between the art and the artist.

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