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In Defense of Maegan Hall

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

All across the MLK Holiday weekend, Maegan Hall has been getting the meme treatment.

"The (LaVergne) officers spoke about sharing cellphone photos of their genitals, having sex in the police station on duty and taking part in “Girls Gone Wild”-type parties.....Maegan Hall, the female officer at the center of the scandal, has been fired, city officials said." - NBC News

Now the male officers involved in the scandal have also been fired, but no one knows their names. There seems to be a perfect storm of anti-cop sentiment cycloning around a not-so-subtle form of slut shaming.

And don't get me wrong, I laughed at the first meme or two, but this one at Posts That Didn't Age Well wasn't funny and totally shifted my attitude:

This girl is just a kid.

She made some bad decisions in a job she hasn't even held for 1 year. This whole scandal is a city-level ignominy, not anything that should have been a national story.


Think about your job in the suburbs. At your job, is there a guy or gal who has sex way too much, maybe even sneaks around and has relations inside of work facilities.?

Of course there is.

You have a person in your mind right now. Do I have a person in mind at my local school district? Oh I sure do. Now let's say one day the gentleman in question, who has a ship in every port, gets caught. I expect that person to be terminated, or maybe even end up on Cleveland's 19 Action News, but the cover of the Daily Mail? That's just overkill.

The point is, our local sexoholic would be fired from our district, but he would land another job in a nearby district in about 2 minutes, he has a very sought after skill set. If local embarrassment mattered to him, (and I don't think it does,) but if it did, he would have another job down the road in Columbus in the snap of his fingers.

When you got the world by the balls, employers look for a reason to hire you. When you are the butt end of a joke, employers look for reasons NOT to hire you.

And, unfortunately, if our popular local example was terminated, would those in the district blame the female employee for his downfall?


What Maegan Hall doesn't deserve is national ridicule.

Is Maegan Hall the equivalent of Monica Lewinsky?

Here's the ruse, Monica Lewinsky didn't deserve the abuse she received.

Man to reader, let me ask you a question. How many times do you think Bill Clinton cheated on Hillary? 10 times? 50 times? 100 times? How many of those names do you know?

Bill Clinton cheated on his wife, with an intern, at work. If Bill Clinton was the Superintendent of the local schools, he would have been fired immediately. Bill Clinton was too big to fire. His wife, instead of divorcing him, cited a vast right wing conspiracy.

Now you want to argue with me that there's a huge difference between hooking up with the local cops versus hooking up with a President?

That's exactly what I'm trying to say.

Under no metric should I know Ms. Hall's name.


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