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Joel Gion Still Rockin' the Tambourine

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Back in 2003, the greatest Rock Documentary ever created was released, DIG! The story of the Brian Jonestown Massacre and the Dandy Warhols and their opposite trajectories which continues to stand the test of time.

Fast forward nearly 20 years and during the pandemic the Brian Jonestown Massacre released their 20th (!) album, The Future is Your Past. As Anton Newcombe is out promoting the new tour in support of the album, one name stands out on the touring members list: Joel Gion.

Despite burning through over 3 dozen members, somehow Joel Gion has been a near constant presence across the decades, playing both the tambourine and maracas.

At first I wanted to make a joke about the tambourine, but then I realized I would rather be playing tambourine with one of the most talented bands of the last generation than be working at my shitty, ulcer-inducing job. Even if it was for the same amount of money.

I quickly came to the realization that I was simply jealous of Gion. I wish him well, and maybe I will see his band out on tour this time around.

BJM: Great in 1996

BJM: Great in 2010

BJM: Great Today

Yes, I know, Anton Newcombe drives the band, but I could argue that Gion was the most likable character in DIG!

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