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Jon Favreau is The Mandalorian

Listen, I know Jon Favreau isn't flying around in a helmet and jetpack, I am saying that metaphorically, he's The Mandalorian.

What the hell am I talking about?

Jon Favreau was not a Hollywood Insider to begin his career. He is not a Nepo Baby. Favreau started out in college in New York City and moved to Chicago a few credits shy of graduation. He landed his first film role while still living in Chicago and, in 1996, wrote and starred in one of the best independent films of all time, Swingers. He has had a non-linear career path in movie making ever since.

As I watched Chapter 21: The Pirate in the Mandalorian series, it struck me that Favreau is Mando, Hollywood is the Galactic Empire, and Disney is the New Republic. Mando represents the independent spirit in film-making. Hollywood has been accused of being evil since the 1930's, they're the Empire. Disney used to be good and wholesome, but in the series The Mandalorian, you are starting to see the unwieldy bureaucracy that underpins the "good guys."

Today when you think of Disney, do you think of them as the good guys, or just another corporate entity?

It's not a perfect analogy, but it gives you the guide posts as to where The Mandalorian series is headed.

Look for the New Republic to become more like the Empire, and look for Mandalorians to seek out more independent thinkers like themselves, aligned with neither the Empire nor the New Republic, both of whom have certain problematic agendas.

Now if you're sitting at home shooting holes in my theory, have at it. I am not a Star Wars Geek, but a casual Star Wars Fan. God Bless Jon Favreau for bringing the casual fan back into the Star Wars Universe.

Only time will bear out as to whether my analogy is sound or not.

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