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Kyrie Irving: Wrong Again

Updated: Mar 18

I saw that post and IMMEDIATELY replied. "Take the words 'claims sports betting' out of the title, and the headline would be correct."

Others replied:Sports Betting has been around since the beginning of time.

Still others: Entitle athletes and load management took away the purity and fun from the game.

Yet another correct answer: When did Kyrie turn into the Sports Version of Kanye?

According to Sportrac, Kyrie has made $230 million over his NBA career. And that's not including endorsement and movie deals. Someone needs to remind him that if he's unhappy he can just walk away from basketball.

Kyrie has threatened to quit basketball on, at least, a dozen occasions. Who are these mystery people that keep draggin' Kyrie to the court? The secret is that there's no mystery shadow organization. Kyrie is the recipient of Rich Privilege. Getting paid has always been his first priority.

I am going to make this short and sweet, because we have been very verbose about this in the past. If you made $230 million playing basketball, but hated it, would you quit?

The caveat being you'd also walk away from about $35 million next year....

Now if Kyrie plays next year, you know what he's about. (I already know the answer.)

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