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Libertarianism 101

This from just yesterday:

This from 3 hours ago:


This from earlier in the week:

This from later in the week:


This from earlier in the week:


I am not going back into history a hundred years, I am literally going back into time one week.

The U.S. Government is too big and unwieldy to work effectively. The power of America needs to be re-focused on the state and individual levels.

Your argument is that the government is fine, they just don't tell the truth all the time. Or some agencies know the truth, but don't tell other agencies. Uhhh, that's not a better argument.

Democrats and Republicans play the game that they're enemies, but think of America as a giant corporation. Neither party wants LESS jobs for their team, it's really that simple....

I am not in the mood for tirades today.

Libertarianism 101:

The U.S. Government to too big.

U.S. Citizens have rights delineated in the Constitution.

Lesson over.

Editor's Note:

We loved Gary Johnson, voted for him twice.

We lukewarm supported Jo Jorgensen, voted for her once.

This is very early handicapping for the 2024 Libertarian Race

Tulsi Gabbard: We would run to the ballot box to vote for her. Our preferred choice.

Justin Amash: We would run to the ballot box to vote for him. A close second choice.

Chase Oliver: To be determined.

Jo Jorgensen: It depends whether we would vote for her again.

Spike Cohen: Spike crossed the line today. He will not be getting my vote in 2024. I am working on that article separately.

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