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Noam Chomsky: Canary in a Coal Mine

At the very heart of the Jeffrey Epstein Story is Donald and Melania Trump. Virginia Guthrie was plucked from obscurity while working at Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort in the year 2000 and it was all downhill from there for the Trumps.

Or not really.

Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States in 2016. Ran again in 2020 and lost. And then announced in 2022 that he was running for President in non-consecutive terms for 2024. Running for President in 2024 despite a BUTTLOAD of legal problems.

None of which are related to Jeffrey Epstein.

I don't understand why the media isn't frothing at the mouth to tie Trump to Epstein despite all of the obvious ties.

This week I think I finally figured it out.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Liberal Icon Noam Chomsky had a quarter of a million dollars moved for him by Jeffrey Epstein. Let that sink in for a minute. Why didn't Chomsky, a man of the people, simply use a B-A-N-K.


Let me digress for a moment. My wife used to work at this magical place called "The Bank." She worked there 20 years ago. A majority of her customers were senior citizens who would simply shuffle in and say hello, then check their bank balances.

The bank was where Chomsky's generation hung out. Using common sense, do you know what the chances are of Chomsky using Fly-by-Night Jeffrey Epstein's 'Savings and Loan' strictly for investment reasons? Almost zero.

But an even worse example was John Glenn. John Glenn, beloved astronaut and national treasure, stepped in a pile of poo in 1989 when he was ensnared in the Keating 5 Savings and Loan Scandal. After that misstep, you would think that Glenn would be extra careful when it came to financial dealings.

It is almost UNFATHOMABLE that John Glenn would be dealing with Jeffrey Epstein on a financial level...


If you're the leading reporter at CNN, wouldn't you take out Chomsky if it meant you could nail Trump? Apparently not. After the Wall Street Journal story broke last week, nothing but crickets.

Listen, you and I didn't have access to Jeffrey Epstein, only the rich and the famous. had that access. The rich and the famous of one particular political leaning.

People in Jeffrey Epstein's orbit that leaned Right or Populist:

The Trumps

Peter Thiel

People in Jeffrey Epstein's orbit the leaned Left or Liberal:

Bill Clinton

John Glenn

Kevin Spacey

Chris Tucker

Bill Gates


Itzhak Perlman

George Mitchell

Noam Chomsky

Leon Botstein - President of one of the most liberal colleges in America: Bard College

Ehud Barak - Former Prime Minister of Israel

William Burns - Former CIA Director

Terje Rød-Larsen - Norwegian Diplomat

Kathryn Ruemmler - White House Counsel for Barack Obama

Lawrence Summers - Former Secreatray of the Treasury

Those whose politics were fuzzy:

Ariane de Rothschild - From the Historically Rich Rothschilds?

Joshua Cooper Ramo - Liberal Republican?

Now here's the requisite disclaimer, all the above names are innocent until proven guilty, yadda yadda, ya. But we are going to lay out some basic facts.

  • Dead Jeffrey Epstein was convicted, in a court of law, of having sex with a minor.

  • Dead Jeffrey Epstein faced 2 dozen Civil Lawsuits for sex trafficking minors to rich friends.

How many times did your parents say to you: "You are the company you keep." Hell, that quote's even in the Bible: 1 Corinthians 15:33

I am not saying that all the people above are guilty, I am saying that, unequivocally, SOME of the people above are guilty.

"Fred Hunt, I hope you get sued for all your reckless speculation."

Listen, this story is from yesterday's Daily Mail: - Bill Gates's Younger Russian 'lover' and Her Links to Notorious Kremlin Spy Anna Chapman. Here's the lead quote:

"The Microsoft tycoon's links to Epstein are troubling enough, but now our investigation asks: Was he drawn into the scandal over Moscow's bid to infiltrate the rich and powerful in the West?"

So as Bill Gates makes headlines at the Daily Mail, what does CNN say?

Daily Beast? ABC News? NBC News? New York Times?

I can show you screen shot after screen shot, there's nothing else about Bill Gates in the news today.

There's nothing about Noam Chomsky.

There's nothing for you to see at all.

But you know what I see? A bunch of liberal elite unwilling to take out Donald Trump if it means tarnishing their heroes and leaders. If the Chomsky story dies, you'll know where the lines are for covering certain public figures.

Let me ask you one final question: IF all the people above are innocent, who was Epstein trafficking teenage girls to?

His poor friends?

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