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What if Alan Dershowitz was Innocent?

I came across an interesting article at Newsmax yesterday: What if Prince Andrew was Innocent? The article was written by celebrated lawyer Alan Dershowitz, so I thought, 'you know what, maybe Prince Andrew is innocent.' Dershowitz may know certain facts that are not known to the general public. He could have some interesting law insights.


Shockingly, Dershowitz's article said that he rode on the Lolita Express himself and that Andrew could be innocent because, because....

Let me get the direct quote so I don't get sued:

"Many in the media have not heeded this wise warning for a number of reasons. One reason could be that media companies profit from reporting salacious accusations against prominent people. I understand this all too well because I am being sued by Virginia Giuffre, the same person accusing Prince Andrew." - Deshowitz directly on Newsmax

Upon further investigation, apparently the Sun (UK) quietly reported Dershowitz was on the Lolita Express just a few weeks back. (Sorry I originally missed that story.) So Dershowitz's argument is that since he is innocent, it is also possible that Prince Andrew is innocent.

Let's step back and take a deep breath for a moment. If you asked me who the Top 5 litigious Americans were, I would surely mention Alan Dershowitz, so we are going to tread very lightly here. Technically, Dershowitz is currently being sued by Guiffre for defamation.

But also let's be clear about this, you or I could not have ridden on the Lolita Express. It was a private jet in use by Jeffrey Epstein. I don't blame the pilot for not knowing what was going on, he was paid to fly the jet. I don't blame the flight crew or luggage handlers for not knowing what was going on, they were paid to do certain support tasks for the jet. You know who I do blame.....

Let's take another step back. I work for a local school district in the suburbs. Due to the pandemic, I currently limit my social interactions. But in the late 90's, I associated with whom I chose. Let's say, hypothetically, that there was a crack den in the urban center next door that I visited a few times because I was friends with the owner. I claim that I never did any crack, but it was leaked to the local media that it was confirmed that I was there. That crack den was not accessible to the general public.

You know who's going to be very curious why my name is on the Crack Den List? The local media AND my school district. And even though Dershowitz laments a trial by media, and don't get me wrong, he's absolutely correct about the fact that he is innocent until proven guilty, it is a fair question to ask who had private dealing with Epstein. The general public did not have access to Epstein Flights.

Let's digress for yet another moment. We wrote a month ago: Pay Attention to the Maxwell Case. We reviewed the list of the most prominent names confirmed on the Lolita Express:

Donald Trump

Bill Clinton

(Photo from 2005)

Kevin Spacey

Chris Tucker

Itzhak Perlman

John Glenn


George Mitchell

Prince Andrew

Bill Gates

Now reminding you that we're referring to the time frame of the turn of the millennium. Donald Trump wanted to be President and flirted with the Democrat, Republican, and Reform Parties. The other 10, including Dershowitz, leaned to the left politically. Don't be surprised if the vast-right wing conspiracy defense makes a comeback.

Whereas I would argue the exact OPPOSITE of what Dershowitz was saying. The left-leaning corporate media has been UNDER-reporting the Epstein Story. Not the Epstein killing himself part, that part has been thoroughly reported. Epstein's death should have led to questions of the other powerful men on that jet, including Dershowitz. Also just yesterday, at the Daily Mail:

And the cowards at CNN, who attacked Donald Trump day in and day out for 4 years have suddenly lost their zeal to attack Trump in relation to the Lolita Express. Virginia Giuffre was plucked from obscurity at her job at the private Mar-A-Lago Club. CNN seems loathe to take out Trump if it means taking out 10 members of their own team.

During 2008's Epstein Trial, Dershowitz was paid to be Jeffrey Epstein's Lawyer. That is well documented. Again, Virginia Giuffre was a teenager that had access to the most powerful and popular men in the free world. How exactly did that happen? As Epstein's Lawyer, Dershowitz knew how that happened.

Do I think Dershowitz is innocent? Let's put it this way, some of the people who rode on the Lolita Express are innocent. Just because they rode a plane with Epstein doesn't mean that they were involved in an international underage prostitution ring. I am sure some of them were there for business or political fundraising activities. But some of them are guilty. Alan Dershowitz has been successful in muddying the waters of the Epstein Case for over a decade. Is it possible that Giuffre confused Dershowitz with some other old, rich and powerful coot?

Just because it's ironic that Dershowitz is being sued today, doesn't mean he is guilty of anything, but there's an old saying about lying dogs and fleas that I'm trying to recall.

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