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Putin vs. British Intelligence

According to the Daily Mail, Vladimir Putin is plotting a massive, multi-faceted invasion while the world is watching the Olympics. Various outlets have reported similar plans, but the Daily Mail seems to be pushing the narrative the hardest.

Why do I give Putin the benefit of the doubt and question the Daily Mail?

A similar example has happened before. In June of 2018 the English Press and ESPN predicted that Russia's 2018 World Cup was going to turn into a cesspool of blood and violence. Putin smirked and said he was going to put on one of the best World Cups ever.

And Putin was right.

No one hates Putin more than the British Press. Now despite my fondness for the Daily Mail, even I have to admit that they play a little fast and loose with their sourcing.

So I'm publishing this short article here, just like I did in 2018. In a few months we'll use this as a reference point to see whether Putin was lying, or if the Daily Mail's sourcing was a bloke at the Pub outside of London.

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