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Secret Teenage Rebellion III -or- Chipotle's Meltdown

Deep in the heart of my independent film Blasphemers, one of the characters cracked a joke about being served by teenage drug addicts at Taco Bell vs. being served by adult drug addicts at Chipotle.

That line was meant to be funny....until yesterday.

Yesterday, Chipotle's service was so over-the-top bad, I had to write about it. At 4:40 PM I called my wife at home to do an online order and I would pick it up. She texted back at 4:42 PM and said the order would be ready at 5:00 and she sent me the screen shot.


One Fajita Bowl

3 Soft Tacos

2 Chicken Quesadillas

Large Nachos

Side of Guac

Side of Queso

4 Drinks

I arrived at Chipotle at 5:01 PM. When I got there, 4 people were waiting for online orders.

At 5:30 PM, there were now 12 people waiting for online orders, including a DoorDash employee screeching that her time was money.

At 5:47 PM, I received my order....with no drinks. 18 people were now waiting for online orders.

Went to the register to ask for my drinks, they said the drinks were in the other bag. When I opened the other bag, and showed the lady my receipt, she groaned and slammed 4 cups on the table. "There."

I went home, because that was totally out of character for Chipotle. I figured I would eat my scrumptious dinner and forget about it.

Wrong. This is what I received:

One Fajita Bowl

3 Soft Tacos - With no flours. That's right, they put meat, lettuce, and cheese in a bowl and slapped a tag on it.)

2 Chicken Quesadillas

Small Nachos

No Sides

A Veggie Bowl (for an unknown person named Jason. Sorry I didn't double check my order in the car Jason, wherever you are.)

Now I can only speak for myself, but my quesadilla order wasn't great.

Somehow the corners of the quesadilla were burnt. How do you burn a quesadilla?

And my pinto beans weren't heated. It was like they poured them out of a can at room temperature and served them.

My wife asked if she should call the manager.

"Really, at this point, what good is that going to do?

There's a big difference between making mistakes and not trying.

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