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  • Guest Author: Kenny Havoc

Shattered Skies

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Editor's Note: We read an excellent fan fiction called Shattered Skies by Kenny Havoc. What we loved is the way Kenny's writing attacked the page as opposed to so much of what we read where the viewpoint is that society is bombarding the writer. There is a dream-like quality in the flow of the work. As editor, only very minor editing occurred. Mr. Havoc has a bright future.

Beacon of Speech: Shattered Skies

Kenny Havoc


Joseph was beginning to awake. He found himself bound to a chair and disoriented. He counts about six separate men in front of him. He knows where he is. He needs to bring this place to the ground. He hops backward in his chair and hits a button. This button collapses the building and everyone inside.

Chapter 1

That prologue does not have any bearing on our story today. Our story begins in a gas station about 20 minutes away from civilization. There is but one spare car on the road. It is driven by a woman who is by herself say for her ten-year-old son. They were just stopping to get gas during their long excursion to North Carolina all the way from northeast Ohio. The woman hadn’t much with her. She was possessing her wallet, a small suitcase of clothes and other essentials, her cellphone, about $400, and her driver’s license with the name Koly being the only visible piece of information on the card. She has been driving for an hour and needed to fill her gas tank up. They arrive in the lot and decide to go inside as they had no food and drink. The woman looks down at her son “Okay son, go-ahead, and get anything you like.”

The son excitedly runs toward the junk food section while the woman grabs a case of water and attempts to use the atm. She is hoping to get enough out to make sure she lasts until they arrive at Dave’s house in Charlotte. She made sure to only bring some of her money in because most of her money was small bills and coins. She, in fact, walked in carrying only $20 on her. On the counter read a sign saying “No tax on all items” which thrilled her. Her son returned with some candy, chips, crackers, and a large slushie. The woman waits for the atm to give her her money however, her account was frozen by the man she was fleeing from. Upset she walked over to the counter and put everything on top. The man at the counter ran them up. “$23.50 ma’am.”

“Oh, um, would you mind if I go back to my car and grab some extra money? I promise I’ll leave everything up here” she responded.

“Fine by me ma’am” he assured.

“Okay, just stay here and don’t move. I’ll be right back,” she told her son.

As she scampered off the boy reaches into his pocket and feels the quarter he had lodged in his pocket that he grabbed off the ground. It fell from his mother’s pocket. He begins to walk around the store and wander. He wanders for a long time while sticking different candy bars in his pocket. He finally looms at the front and sees two men confronting his mother. One is in a blue windbreaker and jeans and the other has a long black coat and the boy sees his hand in his pocket with something with a long outline in it. His mother hands over all the money to them and they walk inside. The boy is hiding back behind some stacks of chips. He hears one of them speak. “Four packs of cigs, please,” the one in blue says.

“$20 sir” he responds. The two men fling all the one-dollar bills and coins on the table. The man counts it all up.

“$19.75. I just need one more quarter,” the man over the counter says. The two men look upset. They turn around to the woman. “Guys I swear a quarter must’ve fallen out of my pocket. I promise I can get you another. I have money in my car” she pleads.

The two men share a look. “Is there an issue here?” the man behind the counter says. Both men share a nod and the one in the black coat shoots the man behind the counter. The boy has seen all of this and is unbelievably frightened, yet remains quiet.

“You. You better not try any tricks,” the one in blue says. She nods and begins walking away slowly still facing them. She doesn’t get far as someone grabs her by the back of the neck.

“Oh woah, hey now. We aren’t that dumb are we,” he says glaring at his two sidekicks. “You guys do realize you can just take them now, right?” He explains.

The two men nod and exchange glances of ‘oh yeah.’

The man releases the woman who falls forward slightly. “So am I free to go?” She pleads.

The third man nods. “Sure,” he says.

She begins to walk off toward the counter and grab her food and supplies. As she’s turned there is a large bang and she falls to the floor.

“Don’t hustle us, sweetheart” he says. “Let’s go” the three men escape while the boy has fallen to the floor in despair. He is able to compose himself enough to grab his mother’s phone and call the police. After about an hour the police arrive. The boy is treated well and hears faint words every once in a while.

“Drake Hiundi (hI-un-dI)...”

“Two unknown individuals...”

“Stolen cigarettes..."

Only one thing stuck in his mind. The name Drake Hiundi. The man who killed his mother. He kept thinking it while clutching the quarter in his hand.

Chapter 2

20 years later. A grown-up boy from the incident of 20 years ago. He is sitting in silence in a hotel room in Salt Lake City. In his hand is the quarter, the one that caused his mother to die. He is intently staring at the wall in which there is a picture of Drake Hiundi. He takes the coin and throws it at his picture on the wall and it lands straight in the center of his forehead in the drawing. Satisfied he pulls the coin from the wall and mutters “Its time.”

He grabs his jacket and bag while shoving the coin in his pocket and on his bag we see the name ‘Ted Koly’ in bright red.

Asleep in his bed and dreaming beautiful dreams he is unfortunately awoken by the sounds of his daughter shouting about dainty paws or something. He wants to remain asleep, but the noise also awoke his wife who makes him get up. The man begins his daily routine, crying for 45 minutes, taking a shower, eating a breakfast of Weetabix and a glass of his own tears. We all know his name of course. It's Frederick. He puts on a beautiful suit and drives down to his job at the bus station. Driving there was hard because someone left a dead cow with the word ‘MAGGLE’ branded into its chest on his hood. But he made it. He always does. His boss, actually Hulk Hogan, began berating him.

“Well let me tell you something, Hunt. I don’t expect a lot from my employees, but I expect them to show up on time” Hulk screamed while flexing the 24-inch pythons, brother.

“I’m sorry sir, I think it was Jesse, because there was a dead cow left on the hood of my car” Fred pleaded.

“Hunt, I’ve had to fight giants, kings, voodoo doctors, and even Scott Hall. But did you see the leader of the Hulkamaniacs back down? No! So are you gonna back down from your job?” Hulk yells.

“No” Fred answered.

“Louder little man” Hulk screamed.




“Okay good, because you’re driving two busses at once.”

Fred is taken aback. “Uh, what?”

Fred asked. “You’re late and so is your bus schedule. So you’re gonna drive two busses, simultaneously” Hulk explained.

Fred is so confused and upset and he sees Jesse and his gang laughing at Fred. Fred just walks off. They used to be friends, Fred would tell Jesse that he was his closest friend and Jesse would make Fred eat coins that he finds on the ground. As predicted Fred can not physically drive two cars at the same time. He tried but he just couldn’t do it. He returns to the station with his head hung low. Hulk grabs his shoulder and despite it being very light he still separated Fred’s shoulder. They quickly fixed it as they often do. “Listen here brother, I hate to do this but you made one too many mistakes.”

“To be fair it is not physically possible to drive two cars at once” Fred responded.

“Look at me when I’m talking to you son. Listen here Fred, I’ll always have your back but I’m sorry, you’re fired” Hulk confirms.

Fred just nods. He slowly slinks off to his car and hears Jesse say ‘maggle’ then everyone laughs. He climbs in and slowly drives off. He decides to stop at a bar and have a drink. Or two. Or three. Or four. Or f-you see where this is going. Fred is there for a long time and would most likely have stayed there forever if not for someone walking in. The bar he was in was very low quality in its staff, atmosphere, clientele, and everything else. So it was surprising to every male patron when a woman walked in. Not just any woman though. A real woman. This woman was clean-cut, in a casual yet serious jacket and pants. Her dark hair pulled back into a ponytail. She was of average height and quite skinny. She was very appealing to the all-male clientele of this pub. She walks right over towards Fred’s bar stool. “Excuse me, are you, Fred Hunt?”

Fred downs his drink and nods. The woman looks a little tentative yet she presses on. “Well, sir my name is Moira Demida and I heard from my sources that you could potentially help me with an issue I’m having.”

Fred turns around and looks at Moira for the first time. He lifts his hand and points to his ring. “I’m a married man,” he explains.

“Not like that sir. I believe you work for the Disaster Transport bus system, yes?” Moira asks.

Fred chuckles. “Used to.”

“In any case, are you aware of a Mr. Jesse Williams?”

Fred slams his glass on the bar.“

Don’t mention him,” Fred demands.

“What if I told you I work for a company that brings down people like Williams,” Moira retorts. “What kind of company?”

“One where we hunt down potential threats. Look, Mr. Hunt, Jesse is a criminal involved in a hit and run assault on a gas station 20 years ago. See there is only so much the police can do and that’s where my division steps in. We’re called the GCIR, the Global Combat, and Investigation Raptors. We could use your help, Frederick” Moira explains.

“It sounds to me like you Raptors have it all handled” Fred responds.

Moira tries a new tactic. “The job pays $30 per hour and $1000 for every criminal that the Raptors bring down.”

“I’m in” Fred answers.

Chapter 3

On the freeway drives a car. In the car drives Ted Koly. He is headed to a pub in Columbus. Ted arrives at the fairly empty pub where inside is only two patrons and the bartender. The pub is incredibly well kept and very clean. Lots of windows provide much natural light. The man behind the counter wipes down the table.

“What’ll it be fella,” he asks.

“Draft is fine” Ted answers.

He looks around the pub and sees a framed photo consisting of the bartender, one of the men sat in the pub and a third man he knew all too well. Ted is fixated on the photo but eventually snaps back to reality. The bartender returns with his drink.

“Deutsches bier,” Ted says.

The bartender nods in approval. “Ja, es ist Pils. mögen sie es?” One of the men says.

Ted sip his drink realizing who he’s found.

“Die Beste art. Was bringt sie Nach Columbus?” Ted asks.

“Oh, Urlaub. Mein Hauptgeschäft ist, dass ich in Ohio bleibe, damit ich in der pause Nicht weit Reisen kann” the man responds.

Ted looks at the other man. “Gleich. Meine Eltern waren aus Cleveland und wir sind nie gegangen” he responds.

Ted gets up from the stool and makes his way to the table.

“Meine Mutter war aus Cleveland,” Ted says excitedly.

“Ah, was ist Ihr name?” The first man says.

“Sie hat keinen Namen. Ihr Name wurde genommen, als sie von Geschäftsleuten in Cleveland getötet wurde” Ted says smiling.

The two men exchange scared looks. They all begin to sip their drinks. After a tense few seconds, they all put their glasses down. Ted turns his left hand over to reveal a coin in it. Seeing this the first man lunges at him but Ted catches him off guard and snaps his arm back. The second man is confused as to what is happening, but he realizes he is in danger. The bartender reaches for a gun under the counter, but Ted remains one step ahead of him already with a gun out he shoots both the bartender and the second man. He turns his attention to the man he has pinned against the chair with his arm back and a gun to his head. “Jetzt wirst du mir sagen wo Drake Hiundi ist” Ted explains.

“Cleveland! Er Sucht die Raptoren!” He pleads.

Ted releases him and swallows his drink. “Wer. Was bist du?” He asks.

Ted finishes his drink. “Let’s just say I’m Frankenstein’s Monster,” he says walking toward the picture. “And I’m looking for my creator.” Ted grabs the gun and shoots him.

Chapter 4

Fred is being measured by Moira in an alley near the Disaster Transport office.

“What is this for, again?” He asks.

“Well if you do a good enough job, we might call you again. And if you are called again, you’ll need a uniform” she smacks his chest.

“Go ahead, you’re ready” Moira assures.

Fred pumps himself up and has some heavy breathing. “Okay. Let’s do this'' he says. He marches into the main office of the place he was fired from the day previous. Hulk Hogan sees him in the main office.

“Uh, Hunt, you don’t work here anymore,” Hulk says.

“I know, I left something in my office I needed to grab. That's all” he says.

“Uh alright Hunt, but be quick” Hulk demands.

Fred nods and walks straight to Jesse’s desk. All Fred has to do is have Jesse confirm his name. Jesse sees him walking into the back as he is standing with his friends. “Ay, Fred, I knew you weren’t smart but showing up to work after you were just fired is just proving my point further” Jesse laughs as do his other friends.

Fred gets a great idea. “Who are you again?" He asks knowing it will piss him off.

“Woah, big man I see. Hey, Fred, get out of here. You don’t work here!” Jesse screams.

Fred stays stoked. “No really who are you?” He repeats.

Jesse gets close. “I’m Jesse Williams, and I’m the wrong guy to mess with,” he says trying to intimidate.

“Oh,” Fred says. “Jesse Williams, the guy who works at Disaster Transport”

“What are you trying, Hunt?”

“Jesse Williams, the guy involved in the murder at that gas station 20 years ago” Fred retorts. Jesse’s face changes and goes pale. At that moment men rush into the facility armed and loaded. They are in all black with helmets and masks with GCIR written out in bold white writing. Everyone puts their hands up as members of the GCI Raptors takedown Jesse. Running in from behind Fred was a large man not dressed in a light grey jacket with similar colored pants and a white dress shirt, as well as Moira. The large man nods at the six Raptors who have Jesse in their grasp. “Gentleman, please stand back, this is GCIR business now,” the man says.

Hulk Hogan comes to the back. “What is going on back here!” he screams. The large man turns and hands his card over. Hulk accepts it.

“Law, I work for the GCI Raptors. One of your workers was involved in a crime twenty years ago that we began work on around three months ago due to the police not finding enough evidence for these boys. Fortunately, my division works differently from the police. We would like to thank you for your cooperation” the man says. Hulk looks at the card then at Fred.

“Brother?” He asked. Fred smiled and nodded.

“Okay, we’d like to take you back to the office with us if you don’t mind?” Moira asks.

Fred nods. “Okay, do what you were made for,” she shouts to the other Raptors.

All at once they carry Jesse away and take him to the prison. They aren’t police officers, but they work closely with them. Moira leads Fred into her car. “Okay let’s go,” she says.

“Actually, could we go tomorrow? Now is the time I normally get back from work and my wife may get worried” he asks.

“Fred, text her someone got arrested at work and you won’t be able to make it. Did you not tell her you got fired?” Fred has a guilty look.

“Oh my god. Okay fine, at least let us give you a ride back home. You can tell your wife you carpooled and your car is still up there. We’ll get you at 5:30 tomorrow morning. You got that?” She asks.

“Sure” he answers.

“Okay good.” The drive back is silent for the most part. Fred, because he is tired, nervous, and scared. Moira, because she is upset at the change in plans. They arrive and Moira shouts at him “Remember! 5:30!”

“I know. See you tomorrow, Moira” Moira doesn’t say anything back, but she does nod at him.

As she pulls away Fred’s wife, who I’m told is called Crystal, runs after Fred in the driveway and embraces him. “I heard what happened to Jesse, are you okay?” She asks.

“Yes, I’m fine” he answers. “I don’t wanna talk about it”

“I get it. Come in and relax” they enter the house. On her way back home Moira makes a call. *Has Williams been accepted?*

*Yes* the other voice bellows.

It is the man from earlier, Johnny Law.

*Okay good. I’m picking him up early tomorrow morning and I know he won’t be awake.*


*That's good though, one down two to go.*

*Yep, we start up again tomorrow.*

*Yeah okay see you tomorrow.*

*Yep bye.*

Chapter 5

Fred is awoken by being pulled out of bed then dragged across his floor. He tries to scream but he can’t as there is a hand over his mouth. Once he is pulled out of his room the person releases him. They are in all black spandex and a helmet, but they quickly remove their helmet to reveal Moira. Fred looks scared. “You said 5:30!”

“It’s five and you were sound asleep, there’s no way you’d have gotten ready in time” she answers.

She makes Fred shower then they leave. The drive there is quiet only this time it’s due to Fred being royally upset. When they arrive, Moira pulls out her card to be scanned, and when it’s accepted the gates open and they enter a large complex. They go into a parking garage and park in the almost completely empty lot.

“Hey, my car is still at that bar can we- Oh god!” He cuts himself off at Moira removing her spandex and beginning to put on her regular attire.

Fred actively looks away. “Relax, Hunt, they teach a lot in this business, one of those things is that sometimes you need to change quickly and don’t question it,” she says.

“And about your car. No. You’re not getting that shit back. But you get a company car like mine.” Fred’s eyes widened looking at Moira’s silver sports car with no license plate. He nodded in approval. The two make their way through the parking garage and up the stairs. Moira makes Fred take the stairs because Moira doesn’t take the elevator. They arrive upstairs and Moira scans her card which opens the doors. Inside is a large room filled completely with combat zones and investigation rooms all over the place. There was also a large lab that Fred could slightly make out. They were looking down over everything as there were two flights of stairs they needed to travel down. “Welcome back, Moira. Does this guest have a pass?” The receptionist asks.

“No need Alex, this is the guy from yesterday” she answers.

“Ohh” he responds.

“Fred, this is Alex Avvok, our receptionist. He also does some fieldwork if need be” she explains. Fred stretches out a hand. “Nice to meet you, sir,” Fred says. Alex shakes it back. He smiles and gives Moira a look that screams ‘THIS GUY.'

Moira, seemingly reading his mind, gave a wide-eyed nod back.

“Okay Fred, let’s go.” As they begin to walk down the stairs, Moira notices how confused Fred is. “So what this place is, is a cross between an investigation firm and a police unit force. For the most part, we worked alongside the police as nothing more than a partnership until the case of the gas station hit twenty years ago. It seemed like just a run of the mill hit and run case we thought would end soon somehow just hadn’t. It was unbelievable how well they stayed hidden. Especially considering we had the names, Jesse Williams and Drake Hiundi. It wasn’t until about three months ago that the police told us that they want to see what we can do on our own, as we have captured someone before. Am I going too fast?” Moira asks.

“No no go on” he answers.

“Anyway, we were able to capture Mr. Kelly Coy, a threat we felt was too dangerous for a regular prison, so we have him locked under the catacombs of this building” she continued.

“Wait there’s a dangerous prisoner just below us!” Fred says scared.

“I can assure you, Fred, he’s not getting out. He’s been there for two years. Anyway, the police thought with how well we dealt with Kelly, they wanted us to work on this case and despite knowing the name of two of the men involved, they were still elusive. We didn’t have much on either man, but we had more on Drake. We know he isn’t alone despite him having different people. One is a trained fighter named Alexandra and the other is his bodyguard Tony. As for Jesse, we had nothing. It wasn’t until your attempt to drive two busses at once we began to watch your business and found Jesse Williams working there so I was called to contact you” she describes.

“Wait, hold on. What are all the jobs you even have here?” He asks.

“Well, we have our investigators, the ones who found you, the trained force, the ones you saw take down Williams and my branch, which deals with contacting people like you or in serious cases being used on the field” she responds.

“Has your division ever stepped on the field?” Fred asks.

“Once” she responds. “That was the mission where we captured Coy.”

They’ve reached the ground floor and are just walking past offices and training areas. She leads him back into the large lab. She scans her card and walks in. A man is working on something that Fred can’t see.

“Fred, this is Aleister White, he’s our lead engineer and scientist and he’s working on something that we think could be the answer to stopping Drake Hiundi” Moira explains.


“Jesus, loud. Loud woman. Not right in my ear. That’s bad form” Aleister spews.

“Aleister this is the guy from yesterday. Tell him about the thing” Moira demands.

“Fine. Not in my ear anymore. Alright, listen up kid, er, man. We believe that the reason Drake and the other two have stayed hidden all this time is due to some external force so I’ve begun my research on a button that stops time completely as long as the button is pressed in” Aleister explains.

“How, what?” Fred asks.

“The plan, for now, is, if we can find some general area that Drake is, one of us will press the button while others go out and look for him” he explains.

“But if time is frozen for everyone but the person pushing the button, how will you find him?” Fred questions.

“I’m working on these” he presses a button and a shelf of five identical black helmets with silver borders that branch off into neat designs appear.

“The idea is if you have one of these on then time won’t stop for you. All that is really left of it is working out some kinks and we’ll be done. Then we just have to wait for any trace of him and we go.”

“That's amazing, how much longer will it take?” Fred asks.

“I don’t know it’s not done yet. Maybe like a month” Aleister answers.

¨That’s amazing.¨

“You know on of those helmets will be for you right?” Moira says.

Fred looks ecstatic. “Although there is a minor annoyance,” Aleister says as Fred and Moira look over.

“While you can interact with any object and make it move or go anywhere without it stopping when it comes to people” he takes a deep breath.

“People won’t be able to comprehend any feeling, really any living being. So, therefore, any touch or feel or pain or agony that a person would feel in a situation will be felt by whoever is holding the button. While none of the effects are happening to you, you would feel every bit of it” Aleister says.

“So who’s holding the button?” Fred asks.

“Me,” says a voice.

It was the large man from the previous day. He smiles and outreaches his hand to Fred “Good to see you, Fred. Thank you for your help yesterday, we’ve been working on that case for months so that was great to see. My name is Johnny Law and I work alongside Moira as one of the two heads of this company.” Fred is amazed by him.

“Great to meet you. Why are you holding the button?” Fred asks.

“Well you see, we don’t know what Drake is doing to keep himself secure and we don’t know what precautions need to be held and if danger were to occur to Mr. Hiundi, I’d be the one who could handle it the best” he laughs a bit.

Fred smiles too. “So who are all the helmets for?” Fred asks.

“Myself, Aleister, Alex, and you. The fifth one is in case we need an extra for someone else or if one breaks” Moira says.

Fred smiles at everyone in the room. Then a siren goes off. “What the hell is that!?” Fred screams.

“No way,” Moira says.

Everyone is crowded around one specific computer. Moira, Johnny, Aleister, and Fred all push their way to the front of the screen where they see Drake has been spotted. They all share a look. “Fred, follow me to my car” Moira demands.

All four run to the parking garage and head out to where Drake was spotted. Everyone began cheering but not for long. There was a loud rumble felt everywhere which sends monitors crashing and causes people to tumble. Under the facility, we see the catacombs, where the prison cell of Kelly Coy is. He is laying across his bed when suddenly, his metal locked door that was tightly shut and locked was being pulled off the hinges. It ripped a huge gap into the wall until the door was completely gone along with a large chunk of the wall. Kelly stood up ready to fight not knowing what just happened. In walks Drake Hiundi. “I know who you are Kelly. You had to be taken down by a special force that was only used once. Locked in one of the most secure prison cells in the world. I could use someone like you on my side” Drake explains.

Kelly looks over and sees Alexandra and Tony. “Join us,” Drake says.

Kelly lowers his defenses and nods. “Drake, I believe” Kelly retorts. We see Drake in a maroon-colored thick jacket that has been zipped, black pants, and black gloves, and a dark purple cape. As well as a helmet that is shaped exactly like the helmets that Aleister made. Only his is dark red with purple borders. “I prefer,” Drake says, “Maverick.”

Chapter 6

As the Raptors make their way to where they believe Drake is, Drake and his crew were actually making their way up through the prison under the GCIR facility. At the same time, a car was rushing through the streets of Cleveland to the GCIR facility. The car gets in easily because every guard was called inside due to the prison break inside. The car pulls into the lot and someone gets out rather quickly. Ted gets out, quickly shuffles through his keys to lock it, and begins running into the building. Drake, Alexandra, Tony, and Kelly finally make their way up to the main floor. About 40 members of the ground force pull out guns and point them at Drake. Drake raises his hands barely and gives a slightly annoyed look. Suddenly all the men’s hands begin to shake and their grips on the guns begin to loosen. Their faces become pale with fear and confusion. Drake gives the slightest smirk. The guns all leave their hands and travel to the ceiling. Drake slightly moves his hands forward and all 40 men travel backward into the wall. He raises his hands and lifts all the tables, monitors, and chairs. He raises them about 15 feet up before slamming them with a thud, crashes computers, and ruining equipment. Even landing on people. Everyone has been laid out. Everyone except Alex who sends a dispatch message to Johnny Law saying ‘He’s here.’

Drake looks up and sees Alex. With an upset expression, he flings a desk chair at him and commands it back. “Great, now they know we’re here,” Drake says excitedly.

“We leaving now?” Alexandra asks. Drake nods.

“Uh, I think you can take them. Why are we leaving?” Kelly asks.

Drake smiles. “We know we can beat them at any time,” he says with a big grin showing teeth. “But where’s the fun in that?”

Kelly looks up at Tony who, with arms crossed and a pissed off look, just nods. He then looks at Alexandra who smiles and nods. “Okay move quickly before they get smart” Drake shouts.

A door opens and reveals Ted Koly standing in the doorway. Drake is confused but smiles. Tony attempts to go after him, but Drake holds out his arm to stop him. “No no, not him,” he says. Tony stands down. “I recognize you. Do I know you from somewhere?” Drake asks.

Ted says nothing.

“Wait a minute. Theodore. It really is you?” Drake screams.

Ted still says nothing.

“Well let me tell you what Ted, it is wonderful to see you. I’d love to catch up sometime, but unfortunately now is not the best time.”

Ted says nothing. “Well if you’ll excuse us, we need to head out, but let’s not be strangers, okay?” Ted says nothing. “Before we go let me give you some advice,” Drake says “be more aware of everyone around you.” At that moment Ted sees himself flipped over as Alexandra has gone behind him and hit a Reverse-Rana. Tony then runs over and tackles him into some equipment. With Ted sufficiently taken out, Drake reaches his hand up and extends out Ted’s arms into a t-pose. He lifts him 20 feet into the air. “See you around, Ted” Drake jokes, before pushing Ted against the wall and letting him drop to the floor.

The four leave the building and head to Drake’s car. He tosses the keys to Alexandra. “What’s this for?” She asks.

“I have a feeling our friend isn’t done yet” Drake answers.

She nods and gets into the driver’s seat. As predicted, clutching his waist comes Ted racing down the stairs and seeing the car pull away. He quickly limps to his car and gets in. He doesn’t even put on his seat-belt as he begins to chase after Drake’s car. He barely gets out of the lot before he is stopped. His foot is on the gas, his car has many miles left on it. He just won’t move. He finally looks up to see Drake with one hand raised with a stoked look of imperium. Ted quickly understands and gets out of his car and chases him down. Drake just slightly tilts his head and it sends a rubbish bin at Ted. Ted brushes it off and is still running. Drake continues slightly moving his head which sends different things on the street at Ted. He is only stopped when a metal bin lid hits Ted square in the nose causing a cave in. Ted finally succumbs to fatigue and pain. Drake walks over to Ted and raises his head. “I will see you soon, Theodore'' he drops his head onto the concrete before escaping. Ted tries reaching up but finds nothing. Moira, Johnny Law, Aleister, and Fred finally make it back. They find Ted bleeding on the sidewalk. All four carry him up into the building where they find utter carnage. Moira tends to Alex while the other three take care of Ted. Many of the investigators and ground forces have recovered and are beginning to clean-up. “They got Kelly,” Alex says.

Moira looks scared. The three men treat Ted for his injuries. He has a miniature towel around his neck, a cup of water, and a bowl of crackers. “So you’re telling me, you saw Drake Hiundi. And he has, what powers?” Johnny asks.

Ted looks at him and nods. “He stopped my car without touching it. He raised me twenty feet in the air without touching me. He flung objects at me without touching them” Ted explains.

“Well at least that explains how he’s gotten away for twenty years,” Johnny says.

“I’ve been trying to bring him and the other two down for years. About two days ago I got one, he told me Drake was planning on coming here today. I thought I could stop him. I didn’t know what he could do” Ted explains.

“Wait, you said you got one?” Aleister asks.

“Yeah, I don’t know his name. He only spoke German. I found him at a pub in Columbus. As for the other one I have no idea” Ted continues.

“Oh well, we have some good news!” Fred shouts.

Everyone looks at him with grim faces.

“What?” Ted asks.

“Yesterday we got the other one, his name is Jesse Williams and he was also involved in that crime” Fred explains. Ted’s face brightens but only slightly.

“Then Drake is all that’s left” Ted confirms.

“Why do you know so much about this case?” Johnny asks.

“Because I’m Ted Koly'' Ted answers.

Everyone shares shocked looks. Moira has made her way over and looks at Ted. “You said you found the third criminal, where is he?” Moira asks.

Ted looks at her and smiles. “Where he belongs” he confirms.

“I hope Jesse is there too.”

“Jesse Williams is in the state penitentiary” Johnny snaps.

Moira looks at Johnny and grabs his shoulder to calm him down. “Mr. Koly, I’m sorry about what happened, truly I am. I can’t comprehend your feelings on this matter. I know your emotions are high and you want to help, but that’s not the way we do business” Moira explains.

Ted sheds a tear. “Do you really think a prison cell is going to hold someone who can control things with his mind?” Ted mocks.

Moira looks slightly annoyed. “Let me handle this,” Fred asks.

Fred walks over to Ted who gives him a look of confusion. “You want to get a drink?” Fred asks. Ted smiles. “Sure.”

Fred looks at everyone who just share the same look of angry confusion.

“That cool with you?” Fred says.

No one answers.

“Cool.” He and Ted get up and walk out. “Ay, you got a car? They won’t let me get my old one back” Fred asks. “Yeah, I’ll drive”.

Chapter 7

*clink* “CHEERS!”

Fred and Ted are sitting at a nearby pub with food and drink. “I needed out of there, it’s been so stressful there,” Fred says.

“God, that was annoying. How do you expect to stop a man who can manipulate things with his pissing mind, with a prison cell?” Ted laughs.

“Well, they do have something in the works. Something that will stop time altogether. I think they are working to make one where he is always affected by it or something like that. That’s what they meant” Fred explains.

Ted sips his drink. “How’s it work?” He asks.

“Someone presses a button and time is stopped for everyone, but themselves and anyone wearing specialized helmets."

“Did you guys forget to account that he has one of those helmets?” Ted asks.

“I don’t know man, I haven’t been here for a week” he jokes.

The two laugh. “Yeah it’s pretty cool, the only issue is like if you break someone’s arm or something like that, if they are frozen then the person holding the button feels it,” Fred says.

Ted swallows more liquid. “That’s not fun at all” he retorts.

“No sir, Johnny Law, the big guy, said he’ll take the button because if something bad happens he can take the most punishment” Fred explains.

“Noble” Ted simply says and looks around.

“So why do you work there?” He asks.

“Well I used to work as a bus driver for Hulk Hogan, but Jesse kept getting me late and I was fired. Later that day Moira found me at a different bar and told me that Jesse was a criminal and that they could use my help to get inside and confirm that it was him,” he stops to drink. “He did and they caught him and brought him to prison. Moira offered me the position and since I had no other job, I took it. A lot of excitement so far” Fred says.

“I can see. You got a family?” Ted asks.

Fred finishes a gulp. “Yeah, I got a wife, daughter, and I think a son I can’t remember,” Fred says. “How about you?”

Ted smirks. “Used to.“

"Listen, Ted, they’ve been searching just as long as you have for Drake. If this time stopper works, you have to let this happen their way. I know you want nothing more than his demise, but there is a better way to do it” Fred pleads.

Ted sits for a minute. He has a bite of his sandwich. When he finishes he looks at Fred. “You’re a good man Fred. I’ll let you do things your way, but I want to help” Ted says.

Fred smiles. “That can be done.” The two shake hands. “On one condition” Ted adds.

Fred stares at him. “What’s that?”

“If your plan doesn’t work, we do things my way.”

“Ted listen to me,” Fred pleads, “killing Drake will not bring you peace.”

“Peace was never an option.”

Chapter 8

Moira is in her office when she calls in Fred, Ted, Johnny Law, Aleister, and Alex. It’s been a month since the attack on their office by Drake. Ted now works for the GCIR. Most importantly, the button is ready. Moira pulls a lever that turns her office around and reveals a facility lit by loads of blue lights. There are lots of metal black bars going down the rows every five feet. The room is just a very long rectangle. In the back of the room are five identical suits with different sizes. They are black with light blue coloring on the shoulders going down to the chest on the front and back. They are also long gray strands all over. With all the suits come five identical helmets. The ones from Aleister. The men grab their suits and put them on. Moira has already put hers on. “Okay gentlemen, Aleister’s button is ready. We are doing a test run of the helmets for now” she explains.

She nods at Aleister and Johnny. Aleister nods back and puts on his helmet. He looks at Johnny and nods. He hands over the button. Johnny looks at everyone in the room “We ready?”

Everyone nods. “Just don’t let go until we run every test,” Aleister says.

Johnny nods and looks at everyone again. He raises his left hand which is holding the button.

“1.” Everyone begins to brace.

“2”. Moira stares with complete confidence. Johnny inhales.

“3”. He presses with eyes slammed shut. When he opens them he examines his hand which is fine and he feels the rest of his body. He then looks around. Everyone is frozen. Moira, Ted, Alex, Fred. Then he sees Aleister. He is smiling and waving. Johnny smiles and begins to tear up. “It worked.”

“We still have more tests to run,” Aleister assures.

He pulls a pack of gum from his pocket and raises his arm. He lets go of it and it stays stationary in mid-air. Then he lightly shoves it and it begins to travel across the room. When it hits the wall, the gum pack actually begins to go through the wall. Aleister grabs it and stops its movement. Johnny begins laughing with pure joy. “Okay, final test,” Aleister says.

He walks up to Alex and lightly taps his arm. He looks back at Johnny. “Feel that?” he asks. Johnny nods. “Hmmm” Aleister mutters. He then punches Alex in the gut. “OW” shouts Johnny. “Nice, I just hurt Johnny Law” jokes Aleister.

“I don’t need a special weapon to hurt you” Johnny jokes.

“Yeah yeah, but you felt it. That’s what matters” Alester remarks.

“Okay, you can let go.” Johnny releases the button and everyone is still bracing for impact.

“Guys we’re good,” Johnny says. Everyone looks around.

“Did it work?” Moira asks.

Johnny and Aleister look at each other and start laughing out of pure happiness. Everyone runs in for a group hug. Moira gets an alert on her buzzer. Everyone stares at each other. “It’s time.” Everyone, but Johnny Law put on helmets and began to dismount. Moira grabs one of the investigators. “Where?”

“He’s boarding a ship on Lake Erie. It’s about 30 minutes away. It takes off in five minutes” they said.

Moira has a strange look on her face. She looks at Johnny Law and nods. “Everyone meet in the back-court. Change of plans” Moira explains.

The men all look confused but do what she says. When they arrive in the back-court there is nothing. “Alex, you know anything about this?” Fred asks.

“I think so” he responds.

At that moment they feel a rumbling and the ground begins to open. Out flies a large jet piloted by Johnny Law and Moira. “I was right,” Alex added.

Moira rolls down the window. “Get in.”

Chapter 9

Moira and Johnny Law are flying the plane over to the large ship which has already taken off. Strapped in the back facing parallel are Alex and Aleister on Moira’s side that being the left. Fred and Ted and sat on the right side behind Johnny Law. Drake and his crew have infiltrated the ship already and are heading to the base. They barge through the door and are met with workers screaming at them to get out. Drake nods at Alexandra who goes through everyone with quick kicks and flips. When the floor is clear she nods back. “Thank you, Alexandra, once again you prove your worth” he commends her.

“I have hired four security guards in case things get ugly and our friends arrive. If so your mission is simple. Kelly and Alexandra, they are gonna have those helmets, get them as far as possible. As long as I have mine, you should be fine. Tony, just hurt people. If you need my help, let me know. I’ll be down here getting as much of the boat’s energy as I can. Any questions?"

“Yeah, I got one,” Kelly says.

“Yes sir.”

“What do you need with the boat’s energy?”

“Did you see what I did to the Raptors? My power allows me to move and manipulate objects at will. My favorite part is that while my power will never run out, that does not limit me from growing it. If I get all the power from a boat, then there will be no stopping us” Drake answers. Kelly smirks. “Sounds good.”

“Okay, remember your mission. Again, if you need me, don’t hesitate.”

With a final nod, the three leave as Drake enters the control room. He walks through a secret door in the back. He finds the main power source which consists of a box with a bright blue light that has two bars containing the source connected to it. Drake grabs at both bars and begins to absorb. Meanwhile, Moira and Johnny get to the ship. When they are just over it, Moira looks back at everyone. “Aleister, check our patrons on board."

Looking at the counter he brought it begins to count the names they are looking for over the ship. “Okay, Kelly Coy is on board. Alexandra Stanton is on board. Tony Naso is on board. Drake Hiundi is...not” Aleister finds.

“What?” Moira says.

“Moira, I only count those three. Drake is not on board” he assures.“

Hiundi is down there and we need to find him now!” Ted shouts.

“Look, Ted, everyone else is on board, but Drake isn’t. If you wanna go down and check you be my guest” Aleister shouts back.

“Fine” Ted screams and unbuckles his seat-belt.

Fred and Moira look concerned. “Hey, hey hey,” they say together.

“He is cloaking himself or something. He is down there. I’m going to look. If you don’t wanna join you don’t have to'' Ted screams.

“I’ll go'' Fred retorts. The two smile at each other. Moira looks upset but understanding. She goes back upfront.

“Johnny, open the hatch,” she tells him.

“That’s suicide” he responds.

“We need to find Hiundi and if anyone can do it, it’s that man.”

Johnny looks down then back up and nods. He presses a button and a hatch opens in the back of the plane on the floor. Moira leads Fred and Ted down there.


Ted and Fred look at each other and nod. “1, 2, 3!"

They shout and jump out of the plane and into the lake. They land safely and immediately message Moira. They begin to swim over the ship. However, Tony saw them fall from the ship wearing the helmets. He looks down and buzzes Drake. Drake has absorbed lots of energy by now and the buzzer was a good chance for him to try out his new power. He reaches up and feels the plane. He smiles and latches onto the plane which causes a large shift in its weight. Everyone in the plane starts freaking out. Moira looks scared for a second then has an idea. She tells Johnny to stand back and get the button ready. She turns the plane around and begins flying back toward the beach. Since Drake only latched onto the plane he can’t control its flying for the time being. In fact, he lets them fly back to the beach as his pull means the boat goes with them. Moira flies determined not realizing what she is doing. It’s not until Alex, Johnny, and Aleister snap her out of it that she realizes she inadvertently brought the ship onto the beach and turned on its side. After the landing Drake grabs a better hold on the plane and using all his strength brings it down to the beach with them. All four get out in time before it crashes and lands. Tony, Alexandra, and Kelly get off the boat as the four security guards Drake hired arrive. He is still collecting all the energy he can. Moira, Aleister, and Alex step off the boat. Fred has swam to shore. Ted is still on his way as he notices the change in the direction later than Fred did. He also had a harsh landing. Both sides stare each other down as the crashed boat and planes fill with air with smoke and fire.

Chapter 10

Fred sprints to the plane where he sees Johnny Law sitting. “Are you okay?” He asks.

“Yes, GO HELP THE OTHERS!” He screams.

He sees Moira face to face with Alexandra who knocks her helmet off with a kick then turns her around into a reverse-Rana. She takes the helmet and throws it to Tony who throws it as hard as he can into the lake. She then steps on Moira’s leg and begins grinding her foot into the ground. Fred runs over and punches Alexandra in the face. She is barely fazed and precedes to kick Fred square in the jaw. Then she turns her attention back to Moira. Alex called in for ground troops as the battle started and about 25 troops ran right after Tony who dispatched them easily. Aleister gave Alex a forearm brace which allows bolts of red shocks out of it. Aleister also made a special serum he claims is NOT steroids and drank a vile of that. Those two begin going after Kelly and the security guards. Unfortunately, the Raptor ground troops are not enough for Tony as he takes them all out and turns his attention to Aleister who despite his serum is taken down by Tony. Kelly takes his helmet. They then turn to Alex who dives at Kelly. Fred has made his way back to Johnny Law and feels his helmet being removed. Johnny Law puts on Fred’s helmet. “I have to take him on'' he explains.

“You know how the button works, right?”

“Yes, sir'' Fred answers.

“Don’t press it until Drake’s helmet is off.'' He runs up to Tony. Johnny smirks and cracks his knuckles. Tony frowns and snaps his neck back. The two men run as hard as they can into each other and start beating each other as hard as they can. They punch and stiff forearm each other as well as hit with any weapon they find. Aleister runs into Alexandra knocking her off Moira. Moira punches Alexandra a few times before Aleister kicks her right in the nose knocking her down.

“Who still has theirs?” Moira asks.

As she says that Kelly is able to wrestle Alex’s off. “Ted and Johnny. Wait why does Johnny have one? Where’s Fred?” Aleister screams.

They look over and see Fred holding the button. “No time for questions,” Moira says. They both run at Kelly. At that Alex gets up and runs toward Alexandra.

“We had to face at some point” Alex jokes.

The two stand up and have a quick scrimmage in which Alexandra is just able to take him down. Ted finally makes it to shore without his helmet as his landing was far worse than Fred’s. He runs up and immediately tackles Kelly. On the other half of the beach, Tony and Johnny Law are still battering each other with everything they have. Eventually, Tony rips off Johnny’s helmet and throws it into the lake. He finishes Johnny off with one final punch after he’s been laying on the ground. Tony turns his attention to Moira where he picks her up and just throws her as hard as he can. Ted goes behind him and wallops him with a large rock. Then again for good measure. He goes after Alexandra and just knees her in the face as hard as he can. Blood spurts everywhere out of her face. Satisfied, Ted looks back at Fred. “I’m going in. I have my earpiece. Once I tell you the helmet is off press the button. Do you understand?” He shouts.

Fred nods. Ted smiles.

“Good, see you soon,” he says back.

Everyone in the boat has evacuated for the most part. Everyone who was fighting on the beach has been laid out except Fred. Ted runs into the boat and down to the control room. Fred speaks over the earpiece.

*Ted, the control room is the only place we cannot see fully. We have to assume that’s where Drake is.*

Ted opens the door.

*That’s the nuclear reactor. Disable it* Fred instructs.

Ted pulls a lever which sets the two bars back into the reactor which leaves Drake confused. *Ted you’re there. You’ve reached the void*

*He’s not here, Fred. Drake’s not here! He’s left the sub!*

*What? He’s got to be there. He has to be! There’s nowhere else he can be. Keep looking.*

*And I’m telling you he’s not. There’s no one here, God damn it!*

At that moment a secret door opens. Ted turns around to see the new entrance. “Ted,” the voice says.

“What a pleasant surprise.”

*Ted? Ted.*

Ted has begun walking into the room where the voice is coming from. “So good to see you again,” the voice says as the door closes.

Chapter 11

“May I ask you something?” Drake says.

“Why are you on their side?”

“He’s gone,” Fred screams.

“He’s gone into the void! I can’t see him there!”

“Why fight for people who you know aren’t letting you do what you want? I know exactly what you want Ted. So go ahead.”

Moira has gotten up and sees Fred watching the monitors.

“Are you okay?” She asks.

“Moira be quiet I need to have complete focus in order to see him” he screeches back.

“Go ahead, Ted. No one can stop you now” Drake says.

With everything he has, Ted punches Drake in the face who is barely fazed by it. Drake looks back at him. “I’m sorry for what happened at that station. I truly am.”

Drake points his finger at Ted who is sent crashing into a wall. “But everything I did, I did for you” Drake assures.

“To unlock your power, to make you embrace it” he lifts Ted’s head up before sending him crashing into yet another wall.

*Ted please answer me. Have you found him*

Ted is too in pain to speak and he also doesn’t want Drake to know his plan.

“You’ve come a long way from stealing food. I’m so proud of you,” Drake says.

At that Ted jumps up and tries tackling Drake. He hits over him the head with punches and elbows and kicks him. Drake is once again unphased by this attack.

“And you’re just starting to scratch the surface,” he says, pulling a metal girder from the ceiling and pushing it into Ted forcing him against the wall.

“Think how much further we could go,” he says slowly walking up to him. He pushes harder. “Together.”

“Has he found Drake?” Moira shouts.

“He won’t answer me” Fred shouts back.



Ted’s forehead is bleeding.

“I don’t wanna hurt you, Koly, I never did” Drake begins. “I wanna help you. This is our time. Our age. We are the future of the human race. You and me, son. This world could be ours.”

“Everything you did made me stronger. It made me the weapon I am today. It’s the truth. I’ve known it all along” Ted admits.

He turns to Drake who is showing a huge grin. “You are my creator.”

He rips Drake’s helmet off and slams it on his head.

*NOW FRED!* Fred slams the button and everyone and everything is stopped.

The only things that can now move are Fred and Ted. The metal girder drops to the floor as Ted walks around Drake.

*Ted. Do you read me*

*Fred, I can hear you*

*Okay, bring Drake with you and let’s get out of here!*

Ted studies Drake for a minute. Looking him right in the face and, for the first time, he is vulnerable.

*Ted? Do you read me?*

Ted sheds a tear.

*Sorry, Fred*

*Ted, please. Be the better man!*

*It’s not that I don’t trust you.*

*Ted there will be no turning back!*

Ted removes his earpiece and throws it on the floor.

“No! No! Don’t do this, Ted!” Shouts Fred.

Ted walks forward up close to Drake. He sees his face completely still.

“If you’re in there, I’d like you to know that I agree with every word you said,” Ted says.

“We are the future.” He smiles.

“But,” he stops smiling and looks away. He begins walking away from Drake.

“Unfortunately,” Ted says, “you killed my mother.”

He turns back to face Drake. Though he cannot comprehend anything going on, Drake is still able to recognize what he is seeing. In Ted’s right-hand holds the quarter. “This is what we’re going to do,” Ted says.

“No. Please, Ted, no” Fred pleads.

“I’m going to count to three and I’m going to move the coin.”

Ted releases the coin and slightly taps it making it move forward.


“Please, Ted” Fred continues to plead.

The coin travels slowly towards Drake. Fred continues to pray.


Ted’s eyes begin welling with tears. He thinks about his mother and about what his friend is about to go through. The coin moves closer. Fred is heavily breathing, waiting anxiously in fear. Ted sheds a final tear.

“Three.” The coin penetrates Drake’s forehead cutting through the skin. Soon after, it cuts through bone. Fred lets out a blood-curdling cry and scream. The coin makes its way through the bone and hits his brain. Fred is still screaming. He screams so loud Ted could hear him. It continues through, cutting through the center of his brain. Slowly tearing it apart. Traveling so slow. A few more seconds pass before finally cutting through bone and skin again and lifting part of his hair to reveal a blood-covered coin coming from his head. The coin drops to the floor as the pain Fred induced knocked him out and caused him to release the button. With the coin dropping so does the body of Drake “Maverick” Hiundi. Ted let’s go one final tear. A twenty-year-old debt has been paid.

Chapter 12

Johnny Law and Alex rush to help Fred up. “What happened? What did you feel?” Johnny asks.

“I don’t know, but,” he rubs his finger up and down the centre of his forehead. “I felt it right here” suddenly a large opening in the boat begins to be ripped open. Out walks Ted Koly with Drake over his shoulders.

"Today our fighting stops!” he proclaims.

Before throwing the body of Drake 50 feet from the top of the boat, vertically, Ted makes his way out. Tony, Alexandra, and Kelly all walk over to where Drake landed.

¨Take off your blinders brothers and sisters. The real enemy is out there. The weak, the vulnerable. The humans. United in their fear of the unknown. The neanderthal is running scared my fellow Raptors!¨ Ted proclaims.

He sees Moira begin to walk over.

¨Go ahead, Moira¨ he says. ¨Tell me I'm wrong.¨

Ted leaves the boat out from where he entered.

“Theodore Koly, you went directly against procedure” Moira scolds.

“I caught who we were after. If anything I should be commemorated” Ted rebuttals.

“Ted, for your actions today I have no choice. You’re fired from the GCIR. You’re lucky we don’t arrest you right now” Moira shouts.

¨You just watch. All of you. Humans fear what they don't know. We have just shown what my race can do. I know what will happen. You will all be condemned for today and sooner than later the humans will try to destroy you. We have just shown a glimpse of the power we possess, imagine what would happen if we don't use our gifts. You'll see, Moira.¨

Moira looks pissed.

Ted smiles. He knows that even though he’s done working there, he did what he was supposed to and Drake is finally dead. Plus, he did technically kill who they were after for twenty years so even though she’s mad how he did it, at least it’s done. He walks away from her and nods at Aleister. Aleister does nothing. He walks up to where Fred is. Fred is being held up by Johnny and Alex. Fred nods at them both showing he can stand on his own. Ted nods at Johnny and Alex who both give him scornful looks. “You feeling better?” Ted asks.

“No thanks to you. We had him, Ted. You promised you would only do that if it had to be done” Fred angrily explains.

Ted looks at him and smiles. “Fred, if you would only know how that felt for me” Ted explained. “In fact, I did feel how that was for you” Fred snaps.

“Woah hey man! I’m sorry. Everything is over now anyway.” Fred looks away.

“Hey, wanna get a drink?” Ted offers.

“I’m never getting a drink with you again” Fred shouts.

Ted looks angry at him. Fred slaps him. Ted rubs his face where he was hit. Ted punches Fred in the forehead and Fred collapses. He grabs something out of Fred’s hand.

“Hands up!” The GCI Raptor ground troops shout at Ted. Ted looks straight ahead then suddenly vanishes. They all look confused for a second then Johnny check’s Fred. “He took the button,” Johnny says. Everyone looks around scared.

“With that, he could be a bigger threat than Drake ever was,” Moira says.

They turn around and see Alexandra, Tony, and Kelly are missing too. As well as Drake’s body. The remaining people on the beach help Fred up and help the people inside the boat. Later on, we see them at the office. “Think you’ll have helmets that can work again?”Johnny Law asks Aleister.

“I mean I could, but there is no stopping him from hindering my progress at any moment” he retorts. Moira and Fred are standing in the parking lot.

“So that’s mine,” he asks.

“Yup” she responds. They are staring at Fred’s new company car.

“I get to drive home today. Finally!” Fred screams ecstatic.

“You aren’t driving home today. I’m taking you home again” Moira reminds.

“But I have a car?” Fred begs.

“Fred, you felt a coin travel through your brain today. You aren’t driving.”

“Uhhh fine.” The drive back was silent this time, because Fred was upset about the change in plans, and Moira was tired, nervous, and scared.

When they arrive at Fred’s house she asks him to stay for a minute. “Listen, Fred, thank you for what you sacrificed today. I know you wanted to see the good in him, and I’m sorry about that. But you still have Johnny Law, Aleister, Alex, and myself. Plus you’ll get a car tomorrow” she smiles.

“Thank you, Moira. I still think he is good and that seeing him at that moment let all his emotions out” he looks off.

“I hope.”

“Well in either case. We’ll need your help bringing him down if need be. Oh, one more thing?” She says.


“Did you tell your wife what you do yet?” She asks. Fred shakes his head.

“Now’s a good time,” she smiles.

“See you at 5:30 tomorrow, Fred” she rolls her window up and leaves.

Crystal runs down Fred in the driveway. “I heard about the beach and your friend Ted was there. Are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine.”

“How do you feel?”

“There might as well be a hole in my brain,” he remarks.

Later that night Crystal asks Fred another question. “Were you the beach today?”

“Yeah, I’m a Raptor.”

Chapter 13

Inside the state penitentiary, there is one central table where Moira is sat on the end and there are 11 other workers sat five on either side and the main general at the head. The main general speaks up after about a minute of silence. “So you’re telling me that business on the beach was the result of a man with telekinesis. But it’s okay because you figured out how to stop time which resulted in his death, but now someone against us is in possession of that button and therefore he could be far more dangerous than the man with telekinesis was. Did I get all that Ms. Demida?” The general asks.

“I know it’s crazy but'' Moira gets cut off.

“Gentlemen I think it's time we cut ties with the Raptors,” he says.

The men begin to nod. Then there is a huge crash.

“What the hell was that?'' The general shouts.

We see Jesse Williams inside his cell a few floors underneath the meeting. Holes keep getting punched into his cell. Finally, the door crashes to the floor. In walks a man in dark black pants with a bronze muscle body plate over a long maroon shirt with black gloves. He is also wearing a cape that is black on the inside and maroon on the outside. He is wearing a maroon and bronze-colored metal and stone helmet. Inside this helmet, is the embedded time stopping ability. As long as it's on he has the power to stop time at any time. “I know we’ve had our differences,” the voice says.

“Where’s your Raptor friend?”Jesse asks.

“Gone,” the voice says.

“Left a bit of a gap in my life if I’m, to be honest. I was rather hoping you’d fill it” he says.

Jesse looks over and sees Alexandra, Tony, and Kelly. They nod at him. Jesse realizes a few things.

“I take it Maverick’s dead then?” he assumes.

The man nods.

“You’re welcome.”Jesse smiles.

“Ted Koly, I assume,” Jesse says.

“The Raptors kicked me out for his murder, so I’m recruiting my own team, like moths to a flame,” he says.

“Or better yet” we see Ted’s face in the whole costume.

“A beacon.”

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