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The Precious Pumpkin Parable

Last fall, we had bought some mini pumpkins, about the size of a softball, at a local farm. I told my teenagers to make sure they were thrown in the garbage after Halloween.

They ignored me and smashed them on the sidewalk.

I half-assed it and cleaned up the pumpkins, but not the innards that were stuck in the cracks of the concrete.

This spring, little pumpkin plants sprang up in a thin sliver of area between some bricks and the sidewalk.

Some bad rabbits were eating the pumpkin plants that we were actually trying to grow in the backyard garden. So I took the little cement sprouts in the front yard and planted them in a raised pot next to our house.

Lo' and behold:

One year later, the pumpkin that should not be, sitting on my window sill.


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