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Technically Asian-Americans Should be Furious with Jemele Hill

Race Baiter Jemele Hill is at it again: Jamele Hill Says That Asian Americans 'Carried the Water for White Supremacists' as Many Celebrate SCOTUS Decision to End Affirmative Action in Colleges.

Let's quickly re-set what Jemele Hill is. She is a sports writer.

Do I care what Jim Rome says about the Supreme Court? No.

Do I care what Charles Barkley says about the Supreme Court? No.

Do I care what Bob Costas says about the Supreme Court? No.

Do I care what James Brown says about the Supreme Court? No.

Do I care what Nancy Armour says about the Supreme Court? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

All of the above Sports Journalists have the right to have an opinion about the Supreme Court, but since Jemele Hill's specialty is sports, let's return to that arena.

The racial makeup of the United States is such:

White: 59%

Hispanic: 19%

Black: 13%

Asian: 6%

Other: 4-ish%

Now, does America still have racists in it? Yes.

Are there still bad fans using bad language? Also yes.

But with the exception of Hockey, though, minorities are OVER-REPRESENTED in every sport:


Black: 56%

White: 25%

Two or More Races: 11%


Black: 73%

White: 18%

Hispanic: 3%


White 58%

Hispanic: 32%

Black: 8%


White: 40%

Hispanic: 32%

Black: 24%

From MLS itself: Major League Soccer features the youngest and most diverse player pool of any North American men’s professional league.

Now, with all that being said, isn't Jemele Hill's work really done? Can't she get back to covering rivalry games? The only minority that is consistently under-represented in American Sports is the Asian population. Is she going to bat for Asian Players? If she did, I missed it.

Does Jemele Hill think Asian is White?

Uh, that's racist.

Maybe she's not a Sports Writer anymore?

Nope, 90% of her content is still sports.

But, ironically, we both wrote on a similar topic about a year ago.

On April 5, 2022, I wrote: The Slap: A Post-Racial, First World Problem. Since then I have knocked out about 100 articles. Maybe 5% were about race, maybe 10% were about sports. My article on "The Slap" asked how two rich black men, in a minor public altercation, became a media frenzy and a racial tempest.

On March 28, 2022, she wrote: The 2 Americas Debating Chris Rock and Will Smith. Jemele Hill had a very different, and polarizing, interpretation of "The Slap." Since then she has delivered about a dozen articles to the Atlantic. Every single one had a racial component.

Now you might say that I'm simply bitter, I'll listen to that argument. Jemele Hill got on my radar in 2017. Since then I've written a thousand varied articles and struggle to pay the mortgage payment.

Jemele Hill has written and re-written the same article "Fill in the Blank is Racist." And it made her a millionaire.

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