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Technically, the Supreme Court is Nearly Perfect

The population of the United States is 49% Male and 51% Female. After Ketanji Brown Jackson is sworn in, and there's no reason to believe she won't be sworn in, the Supreme Court will have 5 male and 4 female members. Due to having 9 members, simple math dictates that the court will never be a 50-50 split, but as close as you can come to representatively equal is 5-4.

The population of the United State, by race:

60% White

19% Hispanic

12% Black

9% Other

When Jackson sits on the bench, the racial makeup will be:

66% White

22% Black

11% Hispanic

That's actually fairly close to a representative number.

And, if you replace any White Justice with an Hispanic Justice, and then Clarence Thomas with an Asian or Native American Justice:

55% White

22% Hispanic

11% Black

11% Other

Voila. That would almost be a mirror of America.

You're screaming at the computer that's not fair? If you want to turn America into a land of slotting and quotas, that's actually really fair.

When idiots (like CNN) lament that the Supreme Court still has a long way to go, they mean towards their goal of Ruth Bader Ginsburg's frozen head with her 8 clones.

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