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The Calm Before the Nuclear Storm

I cannot write.

There is darkness....

On the horizon.

The left knows it:

The middle knows it:

And the right knows it:

I fully expect Putin, to drop the Father of all Bombs as early as tomorrow.

Somewhere in reclaimed Ukrainian land.

Somewhere like Lyman

Or somewhere like Tokareve

Then Putin will warn Zelensky to abandon all annexed land...

Zelensky will not comply.

Then Putin will nuke somewhere like Krakovets on the Ukrainian border.

It won't be about a body count for Putin, it will be about nuking somewhere near NATO soil.

Then all hell will break loose....

I don't know where we'll go from there.

No matter what you say about the USA nuking Japan, we did not annex Japan.

Putin will set precedent for countries using nukes to add land.

The world is not ready for that.'


Addendum: 1 Day Later

Russia lobbed 84 cruise missiles at civilian targets in Ukraine today.

Russian Bots / Scumbags claim that Ukrainian "terrorists" got what they deserved.

Russian Bots / Scumbags also claim that Russia used "restraint" in dealing with Ukraine.

I am telling you, we are in deep shit. Russia may not have used nuclear weapons yet, but the week isn't over.

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