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Is the Father of All Bombs Coming Tomorrow?

Earlier in the day, I published the article: Are We the Evil Universe?

Sadly, we may be. As I tore through the news from Ukraine and Russia today, one article stood out at the Daily Mail: Surrender City of Mariupol, or Face Terrible Humanitarian Catastrophe.

I think Putin wants movement in Ukraine, and I think he wants to send the fear of God to the West. After reading the Daily Mail story repeatedly, I think Putin is going to launch the Father of All Bombs, or FOAB, tomorrow.

Putin's rationale (which is a lie), is that he'll be helping the fledgling Republic of Donetsk. He will once again frame himself as the liberator. The FOAB is one grade lower than a nuclear weapon. Putin is itching to use the largest weapon at his disposal that's not a nuke.

Listen, I hope my gut is wrong and Mariupol survives Putin's wrath.

We'll know by Tuesday if Beacon of Speech read the tea leaves correctly.

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