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Are We the Evil Universe?

Hmmm. There's a number of ways you can go with that. The Futurism article speculates that the mirror universe could be hidden in the 95% of the dark matter or dark energy that dominates our universe.

Which got me thinking, in the classic movie Event Horizon, the ship's gravity drive opens a portal to a hellish dimension and the crew is subjected to immeasurable torture.

What if there's an opposite magical dimension in the "dark" portions of our universe that's the equivalent of heaven. No war, no crime, unlimited natural resources. And in this fanciful place, there is an omnipresent and loving god-like presence. Instead of condemning entities that don't follow the rules to "hell," this being sends those who don't like the way that things are run to Earth.

Some people describe Hell as the absence of God. Even if you go to church every single day, you never REALLY see God. You don't. What if we're the evil universe? A godless place, where, one day, maybe, we can get back to the place where God exists in a real and palpable manner.

I have heard the universe is flat and there's infinite universes stacked upon one another.

I have heard the universe is one of infinite universes floating around in bubbles.

I have heard the universe is expanding as another universe shrinks.

All of these theoretical places proposed by advanced physics are just that. Theoretical. I still don't understand how we don't even know the basic tenets of dark energy or dark matter.

Scientists: Dark energy and dark matter account for 95% of the universe.

General Population: But what is it?

Scientists: We don't know.

General Population: Then how do you know it's there?

Scientists: Math.

Other Scientists: Sorry to interrupt, but Dark Matter may not exist.

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