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The Difference Between Bill Cosby, Michael Jackson, and Marilyn Manson

Editor's Note: Slightly more swearing than usual.

In the year 2014, Comedian Hannibal Buress added a bit to his comedy routine where he said he was tired of Bill Cosby talking down to young Black men because "you're a rapist." Buress' routine set off a fire storm across America, but in the end, Buress was right. Over 60 women came forward with sexual assault accusations against Cosby. From prison, Ol' Puddin' Pops still pleads his innocence and would still like to be remembered as America's Dad.

Michael Jackson was beloved across the world, but late in his life he was dogged with accusations of molesting children. Despite maintaining his innocence, he quietly settled with multiple accuser's families for cash settlements. After he died, the movie Leaving Neverland cast a dark shadow over Jackson's legacy.

In both cases, what was portrayed to the public and what went on behind closed doors were two totally different things.

While Marilyn Manson's first album Portrait of an American Family was still warmly pressed vinyl, Manson was on the Phil Donahue Show stirring the Shit Pot.

And he hasn't stopped since. Lawsuits, shocking theatrics, and bad behavior have followed him right from the start. Manson was the AntiChrist Superstar and bathed in all of its negative connotations. Relationships with former band members were often through lawyers and litigation. The one band member Manson was on good terms with, Twiggy Ramirez, was kicked out of Manson's band for being an alleged rapist in 2017.

Wes Borland on Manson: "He’s not a great guy. And every single thing that people have said about him is fucking true."- Louder Sound

Trent Reznor, who produced Manson's early work "I have been vocal over the years about my dislike of Manson as a person and cut ties with him nearly 25 years ago.." - Pitchfork

Ex-Fiancee Rose McGowen on Manson: "I stand with Evan Rachael Wood." - Insider

I couldn't find one person willing to take up for Manson. His record label dropped him like a hot potato. His talent agency couldn't get rid of him fast enough. He now appears to be floating on an island, putting out statements through his lawyer.

But I'm going to defend him in one respect, Marilyn Manson didn't trick you. Manson pushed the accelerator to the floor and sold you sex, drugs, and rock and roll. In the end, he (allegedly) took the sex and the drugs too far.

Way, way too far.

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