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The Last Words of Fang Bin

My Chinese is a lot rusty, but my understanding is that this is the last video post from missing citizen-journalist Fang Bin.

It is 13 seconds long and is simply a sheet of paper that roughly translates to "resist all citizens, hand the power of the government back to the people."

Fang Bin was promptly arrested by the Chinese government and then disappeared in February of 2020. How does his statement still exist if he's gone? Because he posted it to the American website YouTube.

Today Fang Bin is still missing and if I was a Chinese citizen, I would be arrested for saying his name. Before the American election in a few days, I want to make a few statements before this country swerves to the left.

As Americans, we do not want to emulate China. China did not do a good job with the first waves of the coronavirus outbreak. They are the ones responsible for this mess and only controlled the outbreak in their own country through egregious and subversive measures not supported by the American Constitution.

How can I prove it? Because if citizens like Fang Bin didn't see something, why are they still in prison?

The core belief of Beacon of Speech is that free speech is under attack from the Left and the Right in this country. Rich Leftists try to shut down voices on the Right and Rich Right Wingers try to shut down voices on the Left. More Money should not equal more Free Speech, but that is what America has devolved into. Corporations control the messages that the American public hear and two of the biggest corporations in America are the Republican and the Democratic parties.

The American Constitution makes us better than China, but that doesn't make us perfect. Any American that says we need to emulate China needs to move there and taste Communism first hand. Oh wait, they can't. You can visit China for a short time on a work visa, or you can marry a Chinese citizen and live there for 5 years, or you can become a citizen in a few other obscure ways, but for the most part, YOU CAN'T GO THERE.

What you can do today is vote for any of the flawed candidates in this election and then demand better candidates for the next election cycle. There are people across the world who still wish that they had the flawed system that we have. For those who blame the rise of China and the fall of the United States on Donald Trump, you are going to see more problems when this country becomes more like China. Donald Trump isn't the problem with America, he is a SYMPTOM of the problems in America.

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