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The School Shooting Solution

You remember 9/11? I sure do. I was in my 20's and the day after 9/11, Americans everywhere took to the streets and demanded that we ground all of the planes. Air flight had run its course over nearly a century long run-

Wait, what? That's not what happened? What did happen then? America turned to the Israeli model of protecting the friendly skies and evolved the front of American airports into mini-police stations. People forget that in the mid-1980's, especially in the Middle East, air travel had become almost treacherous with hijackings every few months.

On 9/12/01, America began its march toward the model of air protection that we see today. And every holiday or every snow storm turns that airport into a bottleneck of humanity that is usually reserved for downtown city streets during the morning commute. Do we decry airport security and demand that it is rescinded?

Uh, no.

In 2023, there is nearly $10 billion allotted for transportation security in America. What you're going to have to do is spend nearly that much to protect the schools. Even though airport security is a huge hassle, when is the last American Hijacking that you can recall? Those results cost money.

"Hey, Dumb Fred Hunt, we don't want to hear your stupid plan, just ban guns."

Right now, today, "our country is the only one in the world with more firearms than people." According to Bloomberg, the number is around 393.3 million. Even if you banned the guns, there's no way you could collect all those guns.

No. Way. No. How. And gun enthusiasts know a secret, it's called the 3-D Printer and you can print anything you want on it and assemble it at home.

So you want to hear my plan now? :Knowing that short of martial law, we aren't collecting all those guns? This is from my article The Week in Guns Part II in 2018. The last time I think there was real traction for making change in America.

"This is what my recommendation would be if I was in charge.

I would declare school shootings a national crisis in America and I would summon the heads of the Departments of Education and Homeland Security to my office and I would tell them to come up with a preliminary solution. Consider all sides, the right, the left, and everyone in between. Then I would ask the heads of the NRA, the NEA, and the NAPO to review the report and add, or subtract sections based on logistical concerns or violations of federal law.

There has to be a plan that can be hashed out that has a legitimate chance of implementation without turning a public school into a locked down fortress. I would think that the 5 people listed above would come up with a plan similar to putting an armed policeman in every public school (not district, but school) while re-imbursing local municipalities for the cost of extra police units in local school districts.

How much does that cost? Well, we can do some easy math. There's around 100,000 public schools in America. The average cop makes around $60,000 a year. 100,000 times 60,000 equals 6 Billion. A Year.

That sounds like a lot, until you realize that the military budget 637 Billion.

Easy solution. Cut military budget by 6 billion, invest 6 billion to secure America's schools.

If you control the access points, which many schools already do, and have a full time officer at the access points, you should be able to contain situations. And you don't put new cops in schools. Cops have to have, say, a minimum of 10 years experience before moving from street cop to school cop. You have armed cops in malls, government buildings, and stadiums, putting them in schools is not a radical idea, it's an expensive idea. In my solution, you are simply shifting security spending priorities."

This week, LeBron James lamented yet another school shooting. I don't want to hear from LeBron James. I live in an average American house and send my kids to an average public school in Ohio. LeBron James lives in a palatial estate and sends his kids to a high end private school. When I go to work, I am protected by the police of my local municipality. On the other hand, LeBron is protected by his personal security force, an arena security force, and a concentration of police at his job that I don't have. At LeBron's Family home and his Family's school, they are also protected by extra layers of security. For the average citizen, the gun is his/her extra layer of security that is protected by the Constitution. For the rich, they pay for their added layers of security that you or I couldn't afford.

Let me give you another angle. You know LeBron James is a huge proponent of Black Lives Matter and the Defund the Police Movement, right? So let me get this straight, LeBron wants less police and more gun control, but he pays for more police in his personal life. That doesn't sound very consistent, does it?

Don't listen to what LeBron says, notice what he does. Which is what you do with the school shooting topic. At almost every public gathering in America there are extra layers of security every where you go. Where are the gun free zones? At the schools, they advertise the fact right on the door. Why would you have LESS security at a school?

A gun free zone attracts the mentally ill. You don't hear of people shooting up police stations, because there's a ton of weapons and trained personnel there. Unfortunately you have to put an officer at every school

Don't tell me it's a violation of a student's right to privacy, you know that there's already cameras in every classroom and on school busses, right?


We loosely identify as Libertarians here, but I don't think our plan is going to go over well with the hardcores in the movement. The police are takin' it on all the Libertarian websites that I follow. They ain't blamin' the guns for the Texas Tragedy-

They are just hammering the police....


...All them little gangsters, who you think helped mold 'em all?

Now you wanna run around talking bout guns, like I ain't got none

What you think I sold 'em all?


Remember, our official position at Beacon of Speech, a free speech website, is that you can't take the guns, it's in the Second Amendment. Once they take the guns, they come for the speech.

Oh, and just this morning:

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