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Too Fat to Run for President

In this specific case, the more I speak, the more trouble I get into.

So, long story short, I googled: The Last Obese President

The Answer? William Howard Taft

Forbes confirmed it and added there have only been 5 overweight Presidents overall: Taft, McKinley, Taylor, T. Roosevelt, and Bill Clinton. (The article was from 2011.)

The Daily Beast piled on a few years later: From King George IV to Donald Trump: The Fat Men who Ruled the World.

Taft, at his heaviest, was around 350 pounds, the Daily Beast claims Donald Trump was much heavier than the 240 pounds that he claimed to be.

What's my point? Okay Magazine claims that Chris Christie weighs around 300 pounds. There is no way that's accurate. Looking at the (copyrighted) photo last month at Reaction, I would peg Christie's weight at around 375 pounds.

"Fat-phobia is, importantly, far from a niche form of discrimination. Negativity towards fatness is so engrained in our society that many don’t even consider it a problem or recognize how often it appears." - Brown Political Review

Now if beloved, overweight (deceased) comedians John Candy or Chris Farley were running for President, I don't think weight would be an issue. Because at one time, both were very popular in the public arena. Chris Christie? "In June 2017, Quinnipiac found that 15 percent approved of Christie, and 81 percent disapproved. This was the lowest recorded approval rating of a New Jersey governor in history." - Politico

What's Chris Christie's selling point for you voting for him today? Christie supported Trump in 2016 and 2020, but he wants to warn you today that Trump is terrible. When did Christie flip? Christie found no evidence of a stolen election in the Trump v Biden matchup.

Christie was right, but most of the country was already well aware of the Election Fraud scam.

Why should we vote for Chris Christie moving forward? He has no revolutionary ideas and, for the low information voter, Christie doesn't look the part.

"Psychology research has long demonstrated the existence of a 'beauty premium,' whereby physically attractive people receive benefits in various areas of life. One of these areas is politics, where attractiveness has been linked to electoral outcomes." - PsyPost

Watch that Weird Al video at the top (which probably couldn't be made today, by the way) and look at some of those historical William Howard Taft political cartoons from a century ago......

Chris Christie has the right to run for president, but he ain't getting elected to anything.

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