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Top 5 Terrible NBA Decisions this Season

I still can't believe the NBA is the second most popular sport in America. Again, they occupy that spot because they sell SPORTS and DRAMA.

1. Mark Cuban: The Dallas Mavericks were 31-26 and sitting in the 5 spot for the Western Conference Playoffs. Then the Mavericks traded for troubled guard Kyrie Irving and finished with the #11 seed, which didn't even seem fathomable when the trade was made. If Kyrie doesn't re-sign, and the Mavs have to send all those picks to the Nets, it will easily be the worst NBA decision Cuban has ever made.

But what if Kyrie re-signs and he sucks or he's disinterested? Still the worst NBA decision Cuban has ever made.

The only way Cuban wins the trade is if Kyrie Irving remembers that he's Kyrie Irving and begins to play like it's 2016.


Good luck with that.

2. Koby Altman: At the trade deadline, Cavs Coach J.B. Bickerstaff couldn't find room in his rotation for Kevin Love. Instead of trading him, the Cavs let him languish on the bench and talked up Love's veteran presence in the locker room.

Surprise, surprise, Kevin Love still wanted to play and thought he had miles in the tank. The Cavs released him and he was picked by the Miami Heat.

The Cavs were upended in the first round of the NBA Playoffs, while the team's broadcasters lamented that they were short a "Big" up front, without mentioning Kevin Love specifically by name.

Kevin Love started and played 25 minutes for the Miami Heat in Game 2 of the NBA Finals.

3. Adam Silver: Listen, Adam Silver is not David Stern, but I would still argue that he's the best Commissioner in North American Sports.

BUT what happened to New Jersey Nets' Owner Joe Tsai in regards to the Kyrie Irving Saga is going to have long-term ramifications with the ultra-rich owners in the NBA. Just last week from Joe Tsai: Players are Difficult to Manage. I don't think Billionaires enjoy being embarrassed like Tsai was.

Adam Silver had to do more to protect Joe Tsai and he didn't. You say who cares about Joe Tsai? When team values plateau because prospective owners are nervous, Silver will have no one to blame but himself

4. Detroit Pistons: The Detroit Pistons decided to tank this year in order pick generational talent Victor Wembanyama. (Well, decided to tank and were plagued by injuries.)

Despite having the worst record in the league by about a half a dozen losses, the lottery balls were not kind to the Pistons and they'll be choosing FIFTH in the NBA Draft.


Look for Gregg Popovich to sprint to the podium to choose Wembanyama.

5. James Harden: James Harden is going to make the wrong decision in free agency this summer. How do I figure? As much as I like, or dislike, any of the players in the NBA, at least they all look like themselves.

Except for James Harden, he looks like Cleveland Cavs-Era Shawn Kemp.

So if Harden is looking to break the bank in the free agent market, he will make the wrong decision because he will make any team that he signs with worse because they will be relying on a bloated has-been. If Hardin takes LESS money to be a complimentary piece somewhere, that's what he should do.

When is the last time a player took significantly less money for a lesser role on a good team....

Wait, wait, wait, I'm still thinking.


Notice I didn't mention Media Whore LeBron James? LeBron is now in the weird space that Wayne Gretzky used to occupy when he played for the New York Rangers. Still the best player on the team, but Old Gretzky wasn't as good as Young Gretzky and couldn't quite push the team to the Stanley Cup. LeBron James is now competing against the younger version of himself.

In order for James to win an NBA finals, he needs a Tim Duncan-level talent as a counterweight....

Wait, wait, wait-

(Earlier today: Kyrie Irving is Reportedly Trying to Recruit LeBron James to the Mavericks.)


Just last month, LeBron James eagerly awaited his son Bronny arriving in the NBA so they could play together.

Then last week, there were rumors that James wanted to retire.

Why would James retire when Bronny is on the cusp of entering the league?

Kenny Smith Sees an Uphill Battle for Bronny James to Make it to the NBA

See? Drama.

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