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Welcome Home Chen Qiushi

Back in February of 2020, citizen journalists in Wuhan, China were sounding the alarm about an unknown virus killing patients at the local hospitals. As Western Outlets began to pick up the stories, Chinese citizen journalists started to disappear.

You think I'm scared of you Communist Party? - Chen Qiushi

Immediately after uttering that quote, Chen Qiushi disappeared.

On February 25, 2020, CNN published a story about the new virus from Chelsea Clinton instead of accounts from China itself. We here at Beacon of Speech asked "Where's Fang Bin? Where's Chen Qiushi?"

Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal reported that Chen Qiushi just reappeared.

Well, kinda. There's no photo, no information, just a vague, hundred word, Twitter post acknowledging that Chen Qiushi is alive.

I took a screen shot of the short post:

Now I apologize right away, my Mandarin skills are very poor, so I'm going to have to take the Wall Street Journal at their word. Chen Qiushi disappeared for 600 days, then briefly reappeared to confirm his existence.


Since Covid hit, a lot of things have happened in the United States that I thought could never happen here.

But, as of now, our Speech rights are still protected by the Constitution. If I wrote an article and the lead quote was "You Think I'm Scared of You Democrat Party?" I might get some blowback on social media sites, but I wouldn't worry about my safety.

As much as Illogical Trumpie Loyalists and Ilhan's Radical Left continue to spar in public, they still exist. Reporters at sites like CNN or FoxNews are not disappearing into the night.

In China THERE ARE CONCENTRATION CAMPS and THE DISAPPEARED. Whoever sticks up for China, whether it be LeBron James or Bill Gates, are doing so because there is money to be made in China.

People who love freedom are offended by China, plain and simple, As flawed as America is, there are no mass disappearing events in this country.

Even if Donald Trump is being censored by Twitter, he keeps his money, he lives at his home, he could go on dozens of other Right-Wing Media outlets and be heard immediately. Hell, Donald Trump on Anderson Cooper would be a ratings bonanza. What is going on in America is mostly political theatre.

What is going on in China is evil. God Bless Chen Qiushi and I wouldn't blame him if he never wrote again.

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