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What We Shot Down: The Suspects

Now what we have here is an ol' fashioned whodunit.

If those unidentified objects weren't Chinese, they still came from somewhere, right? You can't create mass from the void of space.

Obviously China is still the primary suspect, no matter what the NY Post says. China admitted the first incident was their balloon and they keep whining that we spy on them, too.

This is the list of odds of where else those objects COULD have come from:


Saudi Arabia

The best way for Putin to spy on the United States is to use an intermediary. Saudi Arabia could have potentially poured billions into experimental equipment and we wouldn't have even known it. Saudi Arabia could be playing both ends against the middle by developing experimental aircraft and then selling the data that they cull from us to the Russians.

Saudi Arabia doesn't care if they get caught or not, they're our "friends," we're not going to bomb our "friends."

Just like no one in the Saudi Government was held accountable for 9-11.


The United States

Is it possible that the U.S. shot down its own aircraft? Oh, it certainly is. Don't think of the United States Military as a well oiled machine, think of the United States as a multinational corporation that you work for. If you think about it from that perspective, I think it's plausible that the Air Force shot down their own aircraft from a different department.

How many times are there miscommunications between departments at your job? Just think of the US Government as a dysfunctional workplace, but on a much, much larger level. I barely know what's going on two levels above me in the office 1 mile down the road. If the U.S. shot down its own experimental aircraft, the official explanation would likely be "we couldn't recover the wreckage." Not because of anything sinister, like aliens, more like there's no one in the US Government willing to admit an interoffice mistake on the record.



Why would Netanyahu spy on us? Spite. I don't think he likes Biden at all.



Maybe Putin really is goading us into war. Unlikely though, if he really wanted war, with us specifically, he would have just invaded Poland.



They probably WISH they had experimental aircraft to spy on us in a sophisticated way. They just aren't that smart.


Outer Space

Since the Roswell Incident in 1947, there have been thousands of reported UFOs. After unsuccessfully shooting down any over 75 years, all of a sudden we nabbed 3 in 3 days? Very unlikely.


A Member of the European Union

France, England, and Germany all have the know-how to develop sophisticated spycraft, they simply don't have a vast area to test it out on. But no country has the motive to send multiple surveillance aircraft across the United States and Canada. Don't forget, Canada gets along with the European Union much better than we do.



Believe it or not, Australia is one of the leading countries in the world when it comes to UFO sightings. Maybe there's something going on down under that the Australian Government isn't letting onto.


North Korea

Unless the UFO was a hamster ball connected to a helium balloon, it wasn't the North Koreans.

They have neither the money, nor the know-how, to do anything even remotely sophisticated. There's a better chance that the Federated States of Micronesia sent over the crafts.

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