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Who is Dylan Mulvaney?

I still don't know.

According to the Daily Mail UK:

I'm an old fan of punk music. You know what I see? Chet from the cover of Alice Donut's Mule Album.

Chet played Mrs. Hayes in the Music Video of the same name.

No one ever invited Chet or Alice Donut to the White House, which is a damn shame.

(Chet also played the deplorable Mr. Hayes.)


That's it? That's the article?

Yep, you ever get the feeling that you've been had?

Nobody's going to read the blog if I don't put in any effort into it, you say? No one reads it when I DO put effort in it.

I'm not a good looking guy either, you claim? I don't advertise that I am. I told our school mechanic just last week that I looked like a bag of dirty laundry that's been rolled down a hill.

Then what are we doing here?

I am telling you, this time next year, things will be working for Beacon of Speech.

We're going to make them work.

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