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Zelensky's Unique Opportunity

I'm glad Ukraine tried to assassinate Putin today.

I don't care if Zelensky loaded the explosives on the drone himself.

Now Zelensky claims that the Ukrainian government didn't send that drone.

<wink, wink>

Zelensky is saying all the right things in public, as a matter of fact if I was the leader of Ukraine, I would say the same things, but then I would expound on Zelensky's "denial":

"How do you know that Ukraine sent that drone? Let's see the evidence. Are there fingerprints from Ukrainian Leaders on that drone? I see Russia waving another "false flag" to justify their means. There are lots of countries out there that would want regime change in Russia.

How do you know the drone wasn't launched from a disgruntled Russian from inside of Russia?

Or a Georgian from the Russian occupied territories of Abkhazia or South Ossetia?

Or from a freedom seeking citizen from Putin's puppet government in Belarus?

I could make the argument that the drone was launched against Putin for his support of the Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria from a fed up Syrian.

To cast a negative light against Ukrainians when Putin has his fingerprints on a half a dozen different international conflicts all across Russia's borders is irresponsible."

Even if Zelensky can barely keep a straight face with his denials, he needs to highlight Putin's modus operandi, which is muddying the waters between reality and fiction.

You're a Russian Sympathizer and you're furious at today's events?

You can sign up right now to join the Russian Army and help carry out Putin's military orders, no matter what country you live in right now.

Put your money where your mouth is.

Ukraine is defending its sovereignty.

Russia is annexing another sovereign states' land.

No matter what you think of the United States getting into other peoples' business, we are not actively annexing other country's territories.

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