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Russian Bot David Ca's Misguided Interpretation of History

I don't know how closely you pay attention to the news, but I have been fairly dialed in.

The most curious story of the week was of the "Tummy Tuck Four."

Long story short, 4 Americans crossed into Mexico so one of them could have cut rate Tummy Tuck Surgery. The Gulf Cartel kidnapped the 4 of them, sending shock waves back across the American Border.

The Mexican Government rescued 2 of the 4 American citizens, while the other 2 appeared to have died before the raid. What's unique about this situation is that the Gulf Cartel actually apologized for the kidnappings and turned 5 suspects over to the Mexican Police. Some speculate that the kidnapping may have been a case of mistaken identity.

Then, when I was checking out Russian Bot David Ca's page, I found out that we nearly invaded Mexico this week !!!???!!! Which I had somehow missed.

Directly from "David Ca" - "The US is contemplating invading Mexico over (ostensibly - see the first comment) some visiting US citizens being kidnapped and a couple of them killed by a drug cartel. That would the same the same US which wants you to think Russia is the devil for intervening in an 8-year-long war started by the US in Ukraine which was killing thousands of Russian people on Russia's border, which the US deliberately provoked Russia to intervene in, all while the US was promising Russia permanent threat and destabilization due to a goal of taking Ukraine into NATO, a hyper-aggressive, nuclear-armed, anti-Russia military alliance.
That's also the same US which recently threatened to invade tiny Solomon Islands if it made a sovereign decision to host a Chinese military base...."

David Ca made his comment on Facebook. What's Facebook's Standards and Practices?

We want to foster a positive, diverse community. We remove content that contains credible threats or hate speech, content that targets private individuals to degrade or shame them, personal information meant to blackmail or harass someone, and repeated unwanted messages. We do generally allow stronger conversation around people who are featured in the news or have a large public audience due to their profession or chosen activities.

According to David Ca, Putin was minding his own business when the U.S. and Ukraine invaded Russian interests on the Russian Border?

Um, wow. That's quite a...uh...unique...interpretation of events.

Apparently David Ca would like you to believe Putin isn't behind the killing of his nation's elite either. More Western Propaganda from Great Britain.

Now your question to me SHOULD be: Why am I so infatuated with David Ca?


I am convinced that David Ca is a Russian Bot. A Russian Bot coming to America waving the Free Speech Flag is kind of offensive to me. If I marketed Beacon of Speech in Russia and Putin shut me down, part of me would understand. Putin now runs that country with an iron fist, he has no time for our political discourse, nor our distractions with music celebrities like Marilyn Manson.

On the other hand, I, as an American, am protected by the Constitution of the United States of America. Russian Bot David Ca tries to wrap himself in the Free Speech Banner, but he represents a country with no free speech.

And somehow my free speech website is about as popular as a fake Russian Account. In America.

You may argue that the reason Beacon of Speech doesn't gain any traction is because it sucks. You know what? Maybe that's more than a fair argument. No one cares what I think and my skills aren't that great.

But you ever watch the movie Idiocracy? If you didn't, here's the short plot: In the present, the main character is just an "Average Joe." Joe is thrust into the future and in a couple of hundred years from now, Joe is a genius because society became stupider.

I have average writing skills, but as time ticks by, I notice that a lot of corporate news entities don't focus on the skills of writing. They are focused on delivering a specific message. Often bland and the same, corporate jargon is used to march in lock step with many of their peers, not deviate from central talking points.

I have a plausible view point from an average American. An average American who is now underrepresented---

<<deep sigh>>

If there are no more independent thinkers and the American Youth are too busy on their gadgets to form complete thoughts, my writing is quietly being elevated.


All week, I spun my wheels trying to write this article while I focused on Metal Music.

What doesn't David Ca understand? Putin steals children. That's not me speculating, that's the International Criminal Court at The Hague issuing an arrest warrant for war crimes. David Ca would shriek that the ICC is a puppet of the West, too.

Putin is stealing land from Ukriane. Ukraine, as a sovereign nation, has a right to exist. Even if we launched a missile into the headquarters of some Drug Cartel in Mexico, we wouldn't be annexing any of Mexico's land. (We would just be chipping away at Mexico's "democracy," which is a whole different argument.) In World War II, did we annex Japan or Germany? Of course we didn't.

David Ca would shriek that the United States stole land from the Indians...

We're done here for now. We're hitting the Publish Button before this lingers in the Draft Section any longer.

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