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Why Hasn't Someone Shot Putin? (Seriously)

Last year, Joe Biden made an off the cuff comment about regime change in Russia, and the Biden administration immediately swarmed the media, letting everyone know that the President misspoke.

But who cares if he advocated regime change? DAMMIT FRED HUNT, ARE YOU TRYING TO START A WAR?

That argument was valid last year, but not this year. How so? A few weeks back, news leaked out that Putin promised not to kill Ukrainian Leader Volodymyr Zelensky. Why in world would he do that?

Then, last week, Joe Biden made the brave stance of visiting Zelensky in Ukraine. A day later, the White House acknowledged that they gave Russia a heads up that Biden was coming so they wouldn't accidentally kill him. Why didn't Putin have Biden killed for arming Ukraine?

If I was in the CIA, I would have painted a bright red target on Biden's back and DARED Russia to kill him.

FRED HUNT, YOU'RE A MANIAC, WHY WOULD YOU WANT PUTIN TO KILL BIDEN? Listen, I don't want Putin to kill Biden, but in the last year, Putin has wasted the lives of 250,000 Russian Soldiers. Maybe Biden should have went to Kyiv and said, "not only are we arming Ukraine, but we advocate regime change in Russia." If Russia killed Biden, we'd have an excuse to kill Putin.

I keep reading that Putin is in hiding, but he was just at center stage of 80,000 seat Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow for a War Rally 2 days ago.

What I see is a bunch of world leaders making backroom agreements to not kill each other. If I was Zelensky, I would have sent a hit squad to Moscow to clip Putin 11 months ago.

No matter what happens in Ukraine, Biden will face re-election in 2024. If Biden was whacked, the Constitution of the United States would be strong enough to hold the country together so Kamala Harris could take office. If we took out Putin, Russia would be in big, big trouble. A bunch of Oligarchs would scramble like rats to fill the power void.

If you said Russia killing Biden and then America killing Putin would end the war, I'd be okay with that. That's only 2 senior lives versus hundred of thousands of young soldiers.

Your argument is that those dual moves would plunge the world into World War III? That Fred Hunt is recklessly glib in the nuclear age?

I am simply saying that this "special military operation" has strange rules. So let me get this straight, Russian Civilians are off-limits, but Russian Soldiers are okay to kill. It is okay to kill anyone in Ukraine. Belarus and Iran are allowed to help Russia, but not send soldiers. NATO is allowed to help Ukraine, but not send soldiers. China MAY be allowed to help Russia.

You know who the loser is this equation is? Ukraine.

You want Volodymyr Zelensky to be the biggest hero in the history of the world? Have him meet with Putin to sign a treaty which gives up land (Crimea, Luhansk, and Donetsk) for peace. Then as soon as Putin signs, shoot Putin.

Shoot Trudeau and Xi too, just for good measure.

Why would I say such a thing?

I shot Reagan, I shot Sadat....I shot Lennon, I shot the Pope.....

40 years ago, young impressionable Fred learned that you shouldn't shoot your neighbors, you should shoot your leaders. Maybe if Russian teens listened to punk music, Vladimir Putin wouldn't have such a cavalier attitude toward sending young Russians to their deaths.

Fred Hunt, I think you might secretly be an Anarchist.

If you follow World History over the past 200 years or so, most problems have stemmed from leaders sticking around for way too long. I propose to the United Nations the 12 Year Rule.

I challenge the United States to be the country to be the first to sign onto the initiative. No President, Senator, or House member shall stay in power for more than 12 years in their given position. Then challenge all other countries to follow suite. America would be the leader in ideas instead of arming the world.

Make 12 the international symbol of political upheaval. You don't follow the 12 Rule, no foreign aid, no troops on your soil. And then start pulling the U.S. out of countries that don't align with that simple principle. (Yes, I know, that's about 75% of the countries where we have bases. That's fine with me. We have plenty of territories around the world where American bases would lift local economies.)

You want to bicker about how much money we've sent to Ukraine? I have said this before, Ukraine is different because they WILLINGLY gave up nuclear weapons in exchange for peace, and in exchange for existence.

You drop a missile between Putin's feet and he will deeply regret not taking his $200 BILLION

and retiring to a Caribbean Island. By not killing Putin, it just shows another example of Rich Privledge in action.

How many world leaders end up like Benito Mussolini?

Not Enough.


After Putin and Biden are out of office, the best solution for the world is a future, forward-thinking American President reaching out to Russia and saying: "You were our allies in the first and second World Wars, please join us again in NATO. NATO is not about Russia being the enemy, it is about not attacking your neighbors.

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