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Dreams, Nightmares, and Random Venting

Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a Dream Speech” is one of the most important missives in the history of this country…

The dream I had last night was the combination of eating the wrong foods before I went to bed and how far we’ve fallen as a nation. First let me tell you my dream, then what I read this morning….

I dreamt that my beautiful wife and I went to the beach. It was nice ‘cause my in-laws watched the kids while we went to the beach. So when my wife and I reached the beach we were stunned to see giant scaffoldings in the water, building a new motel. “Now this is America, nothing surprises me anymore,” I thought to myself. Why would anyone build something in the water to ruin everyone else’s view? I glanced to the top to the scaffolding looking for the Trump insignia.

Just then, the structure began to shake and fall. Right where the pieces fell into the water, an interdimensional porthole opened up and Angels with Guns on jet skis rode up onto the beach. Suddenly it was game on as apparently John’s version of Revelations was markedly off target.

The Angel Warriors were committing a slaughter on a Dogma level carnage. Part graphic horror movie, part Escape from New York, I lost my wife in the ensuing chaos and remember blood splattering all around. As my impending doom was imminent, (how can you escape crazed Angels?) I woke up.

Very upset and confused, since I didn’t realize I was dreaming, I got my bearings back and went back to sleep. (An hour later.)

But for that hour, I skimmed the internet thinking about Topics for Beacon of Speech #40. I didn’t want to think of the ramifications of that dream. But every news site made me more and more angry. Today is October 9, 2016 and every lead story either wanted Trump to drop out of the presidential race, or covered the people who wanted Trump to drop out of the presidential race. I don’t like Trump, but what do you think he was talking about on the Howard Stern Show 10 years ago? All these people condemning Trump haven’t been paying attention. He is who he’s always been. He openly bragged about having a wife and a girlfriend at the end of his first marriage. He’s on his third marriage. Rule of thumb is anyone can make a mistake. Once you get to Marriage #3, it’s your fault. All these Republicans feigning shock are as dumb as the uneducated.

Again, Trump should have been out of the race after the second primary. The Republicans have no one to blame but themselves. But what irks me most about this race is that Hillary Clinton Is no better but the Democrats don’t act like it. What do you think HER husband’s been up to for the last 30 years? So Mrs. Clinton gets points for keeping domestic secrets better? Well, not on her server, because earlier this week, WikiLeaks dropped thousands of e-mails wrestled from Clinton’s unsecured servers. What were the headlines on the news sites this week? Guess what, it wasn’t Mrs. Clinton (Unless you want to count RT) Trump says bad words and Hurricane Matthew on every single site.

"I don’t need the news to tell me what to think, I’m gonna go to WikiLeaks myself and see what all the fuss is about," I thought to myself. WikiLeaks has loads of information. Boring, boring, information. I read through 40-50 e-mails and found some laws Clinton probably broke, but I didn’t care. I was bored back to sleep.

When I woke up it occurred to me that I am the average dumb American

At its heart, this is America, standing in a hurricane, blasting Slayer, with a Flag in its hand.

Instead of the Statue of Liberty, tear that down and sent it back to the Islamic State of France (who is driving out Jews like 1938 Germany), build a giant 1,000 foot gold statue of this guy.

Let’s say Mrs. Clinton wins the presidency. Here’s a list of the Presidents since 1988 and see if you notice any similarities:

1988: Bush

1992: Clinton

1996: Clinton

2000: Bush

2004: Bush

2008: Obama

2012: Obama

2016: Clinton (?)

I want you to read this paragraph about the election and tell me if you can guess the source.

For a long time, the U.S. has boasted that its lively election is a sign of its system’s superiority. However, the essential purpose of the election is to provide a driving force for development. The most important task for presidential nominees is not to win the election, but to eventually govern the country.

It's time for the U.S. to take a close, honest look at its arrogant democracy and flawed politics.

-People’s Daily Online (China)

What happened to the visionairies? The leaders? Accountability? Common Sense?

I want to tie the article up in a nice little bow, but I can’t.

I’m afraid to go to sleep.

I’m afraid to watch the debates. (In 2 hours)

And I’m afraid we are slipping further and further down the rabbit hole.

The greatest Nation in the world, unable to get out of its own way.

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