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Just the Facts

During Beacon Episode #43, Ted wanted to point out how many votes each candidate had total for each of the past 3 elections. I understood the point he was trying to make, so I'm listing it here:

Obama 2008 - 69.5 million votes

Obama 2012 - 65.9 million votes

Clinton 2016 - 61.0 million votes

McCain 2008 - 59.9 million votes

Romney 2012 - 60.9 million votes

Trump 2016 - 60.4 million votes

In case you didn't hear #43, Ted's point is the Republican nominee the past 3 elections has basically had the same vote totals, whereas almost 10 million less people voted for Clinton than Obama in 2008. Statistically, Ted is right, as usual.

Since #43 had 6 predictions, I was closest on one, Ted was closest on 4, and one was a tie (both Ted and I predicted the Browns would be 2-6 with an injured quarterback). In reality the Browns were 0-8 with a handful of injured quarterbacks. So I wear the dunce cap today.

(Note: Somehow I read on November 14 that they're still counting ballots, over a week past election day. So the counts listed above are as of Nov. 13, 2016. Apparently the Pony Express in California and Oregon are having trouble getting the paper ballots to the local Telegraph Station for counting.)

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