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This will be a very short article. About a week before Christmas I got a cold. That cold turned into an upper respiratory infection and a nagging cough. On Christmas my throat closed up while coughing for about 30 seconds. Scared the crap outta me, but I'm not going to the Emergency Room on Christmas, that's a good way to get a Somali Doctoral Intern to treat you like a human pincushion. The spasms then began to increase in frequency and length and I knew they weren't going away on their own.

Went to Emergency Room a few days later, then my doctor, then an ENT. Spasms cannot be fixed, just the symptoms that caused the spasms. So Beacon of Speech is on hold while I struggle to talk (the more I talk, the more I cough, the more I cough, the better the chances that the spasms return) and struggle to breathe. For those who know me well, you will be pleased to know that the more I talk, the more I am punished....

Tentative return date for Audio Versions of Beacon of Speech are now pushed to end of January.

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