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For Example: Slanted News

So on February 23, 2017 I proposed an experiment to take Headlines from multiple sources based on the concept of Fareed Zakaria calling himself a "centrist." The name of that article on the BOS website was For Example. My deadline passed and these are the resulting screen grabs between 10:01 and 10:23 am on Thursday March 2, 2017.

Fareed may consider himself a Centrist, but if you look at the content of CNN's Headlines, they clearly lean to the left. From the 20 sources selected, most had Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his relationship to Russia as the top story of the day. By the end, you can decide for yourself if that is accurate.

Most Curious Story? CNN touting itself 'CNN is kicking ass.'

Again with Jeff Sessions. Worthy to note, Casey Anthony's tabloid fodder.

Most Curious? Seth Meyers bashes media: "Do you have amnesia?"

Top Story? Jeff Sessions. Cheat Sheet? Jeff Sessions. Next Story? Trump and Russia.

Notice a tread?

Trump and Russia. Pelosi calls for Jeff Sessions to Resign.

Very curious. We move right of center and Jeff Sessions disappears. Where did he go? Lead story for the right? Illegal Immigration. Make a mental note of this....

Top Story? Swedish Immigrant Crime wave. Second story? Belgian Immigrant Crime wave.

Story 3? Jeff Sessions.

Somehow Fox News seems to have found the closes thing to the middle ground. Republican White House defends Sessions, Democrats attack Sessions. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.

Top Story? Attorney General Jeff Sessions offering to Recuse himself.

Most Insulting? Top Latino Story - Jennifer Lopez Talks Motherhood. (Very doubtful that is truly the top 'Latino' story of the day.)

Top Story: Jeff Sessions.

Top Story: Jeff Sessions.

Second Story (Fake News): North Korea: Heart Attack killed Kim Jong Nam.

Local News Top Story: Who's Jeff Sessions?

Looking at for news is embarrassing.

A Restaurant Guide as Top Story?

Top Story: Democrats target Sessions with an unrelated photo underneath to emphasize the point.

My guilty pleasure is reading the Tabloid

The problem with that is sometimes they lead with really, really random stuff.

Top Story in Great Britain? Jeff Sessions and Russia.

Second Story? Sweden again.

Top Story at Russia Today? Russians help Syrian Army recapture the city of Palmyra. (First time I have read this anywhere.)

Second Story? Russian Embassy brushes aside Sessions contact allegation. (You mean there's another side to the Jeff Sessions story?)

Most Popular? It's cut off, but what the hell's going on in Sweden today?

Top Story: Assassination of Kim Jong-un's Half Brother.

Again, where is Jeff Sessions?

Every day until the election there was a story about how much Trump sucked at Rolling Stone. If there's a picture of Alec Baldwin today, what do you think that story is about?

(As a personal pet peeve, let's go off topic. Top Story in Music: Bruno Mars. That's okay.

Lou Reed? It's not 1973.

Hall and Oates? It's not 1977.

Tears for Fears? It's not 1984.....)

As a lark, I picked 2 sports sites. Top Story at ESPN: The Draft.

But stunningly under Top Headlines:

-Assault (Revis)

-Gay Rights


Of the 20 sites I chose, I would have never guessed ESPN as the most agenda driven news banner.

Top Story: Warriors are No Longer Finals favorites.

Top Headlines?

Real Sports stories.

Top Scroll has Jeff Sessions.

Top Story: The Oscars

(You wonder why Yahoo! is in trouble? The Oscars were 5 days ago. I have faster turnaround times for the Beacon of Speech Webcast.)

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