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The NFL Counseling Session (Part I)

Last night a group of Cleveland Browns knelt during the National Anthem at Cleveland Browns Stadium:

Now let's lay on the psychiatrist's couch and play some word association, shall we?

Fred, why did you fall in love with watching Football?

Answers, in no particular order, using a stream of consciousness:

  • Thought Paul McDonald to Ricky Feacher was going to set the football world on fire.

  • Loved watching Football Follies on NFL Films.

  • Thought Earl Campbell was awesome.

  • Billy "White Shoes" Johnson could dance.

  • Bernie Kosar was going to take the Browns to the Super Bowl.

  • The Fun Bunch.

  • I enjoyed watching football with my Dad.

  • I watched the Chargers carry Kellen Winslow Sr. away because he left it all on the field of play at the end of a playoff game.

  • Jim Brown was the greatest player of all time.

  • Man, did I love rooting against Sam Wyche.

  • Ahmad Rashad and the Hail Mary.

  • Anything could happen. Ask Frank Reich and the Buffalo Bills.

  • Barry Sanders highlights.

  • Warren Moon, Dan Pastorini, and Ken Stabler.

  • Marino to Duper/Clayton....

Okay let's stop there.

Fred, what made you angry about football?:

The 1987 Strike.

Thom Darden almost killed a man.

Art Modell moved the Browns.

I think my love of football officially died in 1995. But I still like watching football.

Fred, what do you think of when you watch football today?

  • CTE

  • A Greedy Commissioner

  • Detached Owners

  • Player Protests

  • Injuries

  • Too many commercials

  • No Fun League

  • Corporate tie-ins

  • Where's the mud?

  • Kellen Winslow Jr. would rather ride a motorcycle than play football.

  • The Browns suck. Not just this year, but since '99. (Minus a season or two.) So instead of reading about players, I get to read about kneeling...

  • ...and the prospects of no more NFL, ever.

  • Remember when football was fun?

Okay Fred, we've made some progress today let's agree for a second session once the season gets started....

#ClevelandBrowns #Kneeling

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