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Joe Ha-den

Today the Cleveland Browns cut cornerback Joe Haden. They are going to pay a percentage of his $11 million salary for him to go away. Two-time Pro-Bowler Joe Haden is only 28 years old, but he has been slowed by injuries the past 2 years. The team, and Joe, both agree he's 100% now. In releasing him, the Browns said "(Haden) has been a great teammate and a true asset to the Cleveland community. These are very difficult decisions, we have the utmost respect for Joe and in my eyes, he will always be a Cleveland Brown."

What exactly was the tough decision?

The Browns were $50 million under the salary cap.

Joe Haden was healthy and looking forward to the season.

Haden was probably going to be the second or third cornerback on the team, but in the Browns' eyes, they didn't think Haden's contract matched his production. Nevermind that he out-performed his rookie contract. Not he wasn't good enough to make the team. Production doesn't equal money.

Why is he gone? D-Coordinator Gregg Williams wanted to send a message.

You mean Bounty-Gate Gregg Williams? One of the best Defensive Coordinators in all of football, but who's such an A-Hole he's on his 9th team in 17 years?

Yeah, that Gregg Williams. Sending more "messages." When Williams is gone in 2019, chasing greener pastures because he's burned his bridges here, where will Joe Haden be?

How about a bet? In 2019, if Williams is the Defensive Coordinator of the Cleveland Browns and marching through the playoffs, while Haden is out of the league, I will write an public apology to Williams and not write about the Browns for a year.

If Williams is gone from the Browns and Haden is still playing in the league in 2019, Gregg Williams will write a public apology for being an A-Hole and buy Tony Grossi dinner. ("Hey, are you Tony? Yeah we're not here to talk about that.")


Yeah, I know, at the end of the day no one cares. The reason I wrote the story is to call my shot. Stories like Haden's, agree or disagree, is why the players are going to strike at the end of the current NFL collective bargaining agreement if changes aren't made in guaranteed contract money. The players are sick and tired of the one way contracts from the owners and Joe Haden is a picture perfect example of the way that the NFL does business.

Why did you cut Joe Haden? Because.

That's not an answer.

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