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Aaron Hernandez is NOT going to Heaven

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Scrolling through the phone when a random article came up on my news feed:

Aaron Hernandez's Prison Suicide Notes Released: 'Love, Repent ... I'll See You All in Heaven'

Former NFL'er Aaron Hernandez wrote 3 suicides notes before killing himself earlier last year: One to his wife, one to his daughter, and one to his lawyer. With permission of the Hernandez Family, lawyer Jose Baez is making Hernandez's suicide note public in his book Unnecessary Roughness: Inside the Trial and Final Days of Aaron Hernandez.

Aaron Hernandez was a bad, bad man. And he certainly isn't going to heaven.

Exhibit I: Aaron Hernandez was a Convicted Murderer.

Aaron Hernandez was convicted in a Court of Law of the murder of Odin Lloyd. It was a sad, sad story where Lloyd dreamed of being Hernandez and Hernandez ultimately killed Lloyd.

Exhibit II: Aaron Hernandez was charged with his first felony at 17.

You remember being a mischievous youth and being charged with felony battery for punching someone in the head so hard their eardrum ruptured, right?

Exhibit III: Aaron Hernandez was a Football Player.

I'm not saying that all football players are going to hell. What I am saying is that Football is a sport of violence. When St. Peter judges you at the Pearly Gates, he's going to ask you what you did for a living. My answer? I was a cog in the machine until I started Beacon of Speech. That may or may not be a good answer. (You'll have to ask St. Peter.) Hernandez's answer? I put other men to the ground between court appearances. Speaking of which....

Exhibit IV: Aaron Hernandez was Gay.

Most religions teach that homosexuality is a sin. I'm not saying that's what I believe, I'm saying that most religions teach this. Let's say that Hernandez was gay but belonged to a progressive religion that accepts homosexuality. Let's flesh that out for a minute. He was married to woman and had a child. So even if he belonged to a religion that respected his sexual choices, every time he was with a man, infidelity was still at play.

Exhibit V: Suicide is a Sin.

Even if Hernandez found God in prison and truly found peace, I hate to tell him that he may have missed this bible verse: 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 (English Standard Version)

19 Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, 20 for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.

Exhibit VI: Aaron Hernandez had a Long Rap Sheet.

Growing up in Bristol, Connecticut....

Wait, isn't that the home of ESPN? Anyhow, Hernandez had more court appearances than touchdowns over his lifetime.

Exhibit VII: No one is going to Heaven.

25% of Americans don't believe in Heaven or Hell.

If I was a prosecutor, I would rest my case. But we're just throwing around some ideas in a blog. You, as a reader, could counter "Fred Hunt, you're not God and only God can judge!"

I'll listen to that.

My question would be: What is the cutoff then as to who goes to heaven?

Does God just choose the best 1% of humans to get into heaven?

The top 10%

Good People? (Where is that line?)

Only Muslims?

Only Christians?

Only Zoroastrianists?

Everyone? 7 billion points of light in the clouds?

Since we live in America, let's focus there.

Does everyone who accepts Jesus into their life make it to heaven? I always thought that was a fairly arrogant argument from Born-Again Christians. Like you had FastPass to get into heaven, lifetime deeds were irrelevant. Maybe that's what Hernandez was hoping for....


Stormy Daniels called Donald Trump the "2 minute man" this week.

I'm not going to answer this, but do you think Daniels and Trump are going to heaven?

Daniels is a prostitute who is trying to bring down the most powerful man in America.

Trump is the President who frequents prostitutes.

I don't think either was trying to witness to the other in their time together.

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