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Joe Ha-den (Update)

How about a bet? In 2019, if Williams is the Defensive Coordinator of the Cleveland Browns and marching through the playoffs, while Haden is out of the league, I will write an public apology to Williams and not write about the Browns for a year.

If Williams is gone from the Browns and Haden is still playing in the league in 2019, Gregg Williams will write a public apology for being an A-Hole and buy Tony Grossi dinner. - Beacon of Speech (2017)

Ha, ha. I didn't plan on doing a follow up article, but I had to do a victory lap. Joe Haden was an all-pro cornerback for the Cleveland Browns. After the 2016 season, the Browns cut Haden in a cost-cutting move despite being more than $50 million under the salary cap. They didn't cut him because he wasn't any good, they cut him because he wouldn't take a $4 million a year pay cut.

Last year Haden had his best statistical season since his pro-bowl days with the Browns. The Steelers could cut him next season in a cost cutting move, but that move would be moot because I already was prophetic....

Greg Williams rubs everyone the wrong way. At the beginning of the 2018 season, the Browns fired their coach Hue Jackson and their offensive co-ordinator Todd Haley. The only coach left on the staff with NFL head coaching experience was Greg Williams. So Williams got the job and the Browns went on to win 5 of their last 8 games.

What went underreported is that Greg Williams did a really good job. Statistically, his winning percentage was better than any coach since Marty Schottenheimer in the mid-1980's (and that includes future Hall-of-Famer Bill Belichick.) What did Williams get for turning around the Browns? Fired. And fired with little fan ire. Why? Because his resume should read Coach/Bridge Burner.

Now I fully expect Haden to be back with the Steelers next year, and Williams has already been hired as the defensive coordinator of the New York Jets, but Williams ain't apologizin' to no one, and he's not buyin' no one no dinner. I still wish Haden well in the future.

But since I won my half of the bet, I am looking forward to writing about the Cleveland Browns next season. With Baker Mayfield on board and John Dorsey calling the shots, I'm actually optimistic about the Browns next year.

Well, as long as Mayfield doesn't blow out a knee in the preseason.....


Added 1/31/19

Shockingly, I had forgotten that I predicted the 2018 version of the Browns to go 7-9.

In reality they went 7-8-1. If I was in Vegas, I would take my chips and go home.


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