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Either Missing, Dead, or in Jail

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Let me be clear, let me be concise, Donald Trump is not doing a great job in relation to the coronavirus outbreak. With that being said, what he has done, so far, is upheld the First Amendment.

These are the American Journalists who would be either missing, dead, or in jail if Donald Trump was the equivalent of Xi Jinping. (Side Note: Campaign to 'Thank' Xi Jinping Flatly Rejected by Citizens.) Just in the past 2 or 3 days ALONE, all of these writers have crossed the line that would have cost them their 'freedom' in China:

Michael D'Antonio - CNN

Elizabeth Cohen - CNN

Chris Cillizza - CNN

Editor's Note: Cillizza photo may be altered from CNN approved sources.

Joe Lockhart - CNN

Richard Galant - CNN

Marlow Stern - The Daily Beast

Sam Brody - The Daily Beast

Matthew Yglesias - Vox

David Frum - The Atlantic

Peter Wehner - The Atlantic

Dan Diamond - Politico

Lee Moran - Huffington Post

S.V Date - Huffington Post

William Wan - The Washington Post

Amy Davidson Sorkin - The New Yorker

and, of course, yours truly, Fred Hunt - Beacon of Speech

The difference between me and all of the esteemed writers above? I know if I lived in China I'd be dead or missing. The other arrogant writers seem to take for granted their freedoms in America. If I was Chinese, would I have had the courage to continue to speak out against the Communist Government after my first article? Who are we kidding, probably not. But living in the Midwest has afforded me the luxury of chucking pebbles at the crimes committed in China and question the 3 month head start that Donald Trump didn't take when he was first briefed about the virus in December. The coronavirus started in China, I ask all of the other writers above: Where was your rage at Xi Jinping for stomping on basic human rights, including Freedom of Speech?

All of the writers, myself included, should include this disclaimer in their articles criticizing the President: "And special thanks to the United States Constitution for allowing me to publish this article."

Seriously. You may end up dying of coronavirus in America, but at least you died in a free country.

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