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Baseball's Beacon of Speech Problem

I was doing some work around the house and said "screw it, I'm laying on the couch." I picked up the remote and turned on the local station that SOMETIMES carries Cleveland Guardians games.

An infomercial?

Apparently for a new, more comfortable couch?

At 2 in the afternoon?

Okay, maybe the game is on channel 8.



Pulled out the phone.

Googled Guardians TV options:

Bally Sports Ohio or Fox Sports Streaming

I don't have either of those.

You know what?

Screw the Guardians, I'll just turn whatever game is on Hulu.

No baseball.

Cricket, basketball, or tennis.

Now I'm too mad to take a nap.

Turned the local affiliate back on.

Started typing, left the TV on in the background.

Olympic trials.

Then golf.

Neither one of my kids even knows that baseball exists.

The easiest thing to do on a summer afternoon should be to turn on the TV and watch baseball. There were no games on local TV or ESPN this afternoon.

My wife and I had a very brief discussion if we wanted to take our once a year trip to see the Lake Erie Crushers.

If I wait until 7, I can watch the game of the week on Fox. Which game?


I am telling you, baseball, long term, is in trouble. You will always have die-hards who will find a game. The casual fan isn't doing that work.


If I wasn't so lazy, you know what I'd do instead of watching Guardian games?

In 1992, I remember there was one single Native-American protesting the name and mascot of the Cleveland Indians. That single person had a few sympathetic citizens come up and shake his hand for standing up for something he believed in. But most derided the protester, hurling insults and telling him to get a real job.

Eventually that protest gained steam and that protester won.

If I really put my money where my mouth is, I would protest at games to change the name back.


After the A's move to Vegas, other cities are going to start to look at Cleveland to steal the Guardians.

Why would I protest at Progressive field when the team will be gone in a decade anyways? When Tito retires, Mike Chernoff's version of Moneyball will be unsustainable and David Blitzer will want a new ballpark and fans to fill said ballpark.

That isn't happening.


It's my kid's Birthday weekend and she wanted to go to Applebee's.

Ironically, the Guardians were on every TV.

They eventually lost 2-0.

Applebee's was half full and the service was poor. You know who's in more trouble than the Guardians? Applebee's. If your restaurant is half full on a Saturday evening and you don't see staff anywhere, you are screwed.

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