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Bigger Than Trump

Driving through the vast farming expanses today was very eye opening. Leaving Cleveland, Ohio and heading into the countryside, every single country road had at least one Trump Flag flying on a property.




Also scattered throughout the country were more Gadsden Flags than I could ever remember.

On a day where American President Biden proclaimed "No Constitutional Amendment is Absolute" and signed executive orders to curtail the Second Amendment, there are very important delineations between the two flags.

Donald Trump is all about "sticking it to liberals." That is his mantra. That is what he is selling you. And that's the platform that he's going to run on for President in 2024. Government spending grew under Donald Trump and the American Debt grew under Donald Trump. Trump's "successes" were in stoking the fires of the Culture Wars.

The Gadsden Flag represents limited government and gun rights. I don't like guns, but when the government comes for the 2nd Amendment, that empowers them to come for the 1st Amendment.





Donald Trump would never hold a Gadsden Flag. Donald Trump is all about power on his terms, not shrinking government.

What's going on today is that people who work for a living in this country are insulted. You resolve that by giving the people more power and shrinking the government. The left wants more power to the government, the right wants more power to the "people." *

*Not me and you, of course, but the concept of "Corporate Personhood." That's why people like Bezos, Musk, and yes, Donald Trump, wield so much power. You return the power to the citizen, not the concept of a person.

Because it's not about winning the Culture Wars, it's about freedom for the citizen. When you hate your neighbor instead of the Rich, Republicans have won. And when you hate your neighbor instead of the Government, the Democrats have won.

When you realize that you and your neighbor are in the same boat and either a corporation or the government wants to control you, then you can fly the Gadsden Flag.

Editor's Note: This is a reminder article. 6 months ago we warned you that your rights were under attack.

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