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Cliff Rocks!

So this is kind of a cut and paste article, but I'm going to answer a question that my friend Cliff asked me.

He wanted to know about good, new Rock Music, today, and I told him it was nearly non-existent. A lot of publications champion a new generation of folk artists as rock. That Rock is TOO SOFT. And there's a nice niche of extreme metal out there. That Rock is TOO HARD. This Rock hits the sweet spot of being just right.


We have written about our fondness for Puppy on numerous occasions. They occupy a unique space between alternative and metal. Their lyrics are edgier than their music, which are laced with messages of the occult and death.

Fans of Puppy: Me and about a couple of hundred blokes in the midlands of England.

Greta Van Fleet

They are a Classic Rock band stuck in an era of Rap. Greta Van Fleet has its moments, but to me they're a bunch of kids not living the Rock lifestyle, but putting on a stage production of a Rock Show.

Fans of Greta Van Fleet: Old dudes who think Rock is making a comeback.

Mammoth WVH:

Eddie Van Halen's son got a ton of talent, but a generation ago his ceiling would have been the studio musician that everyone loved.

Fans of Mammoth WVH: Valerie Bertinelli and hardcore Rock aficionados.

Rival Sons

They ooze a trail of Rock wherever they go. Multiple Grammy nominations. If it was the 1990's, they'd be one of the biggest bands in world.

Fans of Rival Sons: Dirty Hipsters

Church of the Cosmic Skull

I know it's irrational, but I don't want to speak too glowingly of the Church of the Cosmic Skull, they really do have a cult vibe to their music.

Fans of the Church of the Cosmic Skull: People who enjoy a palette of drugs.

King Gizzard and the Wizard Lizard

Arguably one of the biggest bands in Australia. An INCREDIBLE output of 23 albums in 10 years.

Fans of King Gizzard and Wizard Lizard: College kids and, again, Australia.

The Hu

The morin khuur makes their sound appear heavier, but they're not quite metal. More like a hard rock band.

Fans of the Hu: Mongolia and Sophisticated Metal Fans

Tropical Fuck Storm

If you're a fan of alternative music, the place to be isn't America, but Australia, where they are having an alternative music revival.

Fans of the Tropical Fuck Storm: College kids and, again, Australia.

Bad Omens

Richmond Virginia's Bad Omens.....

Wait, wait, wait. Did someone say Richmond Virginia?

In 2017, Richmond Virginia's GWAR rolled out with their 14th album across a nearly 40 year existence. Shockingly, they re-recorded one of their songs off of the Blood of Gods album.

So we'll finish here, the acoustic version of Fuck this Place. A single as good as any other rock ballad in the history of Earth music:

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