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Election Shitstorm of 2024

Just a friendly reminder, we are a Libertarian-leaning website here at Beacon of Speech.

So it was with great interest that we read that RFK Jr. would be a "terrible choice" to head the Libertarian Ticket according to Zero Hedge. Just last week, we wrote that the current leader in the Libertarian Race, Chase Oliver, was almost certainly going to be replaced by a "NAME" candidate. Rumors continue to swirl that the name in question would be KENNEDY.

But here's the intriguing part, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. really would be a terrible choice for the Libertarians. Granted RFK Jr shares some of the same anti-vax positions as many Libertarians, but on very basic Libertarian tenets like the 2nd Amendment, Kennedy's positions, SHOCKINGLY, actually align with the Liberal Wing of the Democrat Party.

But here's my dirty little secret. Deep, deep down in my id, I am rooting for an electoral trainwreck.

I don't really care if JFK Jr is a good Libertarian candidate or not. Trump is horrible, Biden is a walking corpse, it is really embarrassing that Trump v Biden II is the best we can do in America.

I want Election Day chaos. I don't want True Anarchy, like Albania in 1997, I want Soft Anarchy, I want Americans to look in the mirror the day after election day and say "the Republicans and Democrats have screwed this country and we need to start again politically."

Last week, the knives came out against third party candidates and resident USA Today liberal Chris Brennan joyfully answered the call: RFK Jr's VP Pick Shows his Presidential Bid for What it is: A Vanity Project All About Him. Brennan posits that RFK Jr's VP Pick is so bad, he should be disqualified from the presidency. That is funny on a number of levels.

You don't think Trump isn't vain? He's the most vain ex-president in the modern era.

You don't think Biden isn't vain? If he wasn't, he would've stepped aside and gave a younger Democrat a chance. Biden thinks he's the only one who can beat Trump.

And as for being disqualified for the presidency:

I remember Trump said Hillary should be disqualified for her reckless handling of classified information. Then Biden said Trump should be disqualified for his reckless handling of classified information. Then the FBI said that Biden SHOULDN'T be disqualified for his reckless handling of classified information, "he was just an elderly man with a poor memory."

Then, as the ink dried on Brennan's article, fellow lefty Rex Huppke at the USA Today joined in: I'll Be the No Labels Candidate. Huppke's platform? Vote for Joe Biden. Then Huppke rambled on that we don't really need third party candidates. Either vote for Donald Trump, and admit you're a racist, homophobic scumbag. Or vote for the voice of reason and sanity, Joe Biden. Third parties are "dumb."

The more I think about it. I want JFK Jr. to run. I want Liz Cheney to run. I want Cornel West to run. I want Trump to run from prison. I want Biden to have a stroke and run from his hospital bed. I want 5 candidates polling in double digits and then Trump and Biden skip the debates as three third party candidates duke it out in prime time, each one echoing the refrain "your vote is too important to waste on nonviable candidates like Trump and Biden."

You don't care about my unlikely third party fantasies, the electoral college protects the two corporate parties.

That's the point.

You want to see a real insurrection in this country, not that January 6th riot? Donald Trump is polling at around 40% right now. What happens if it's a 4-person race and JFK Jr and Cheney both win a state or two. Trump wins the popular vote, Trump wins the electoral college, but doesn't reach the magic number of 270.

.In this example, Cheney pulls her home state and a delegate from Nebraska.

JFK Jr. pulls New Hampshire and a delegate from Maine.

Presto, the election goes to Congress and they pick Joe Biden. How do you think that's going to go over in the Red Section?

You think that's pie-in-the-sky also? You cannot hide Joe Biden throughout the process. You cannot assume that Trump will stay out of jail. There are still real hurdles in front of the Red and Blue candidates. The key is for third party candidates to get into those debates-

There is still an opening. The strongest possibility for disruption is Cheney to No Labels and RFK Jr. to the Libertarians, no matter if the candidate fits the party. We have literally said this a hundred times, Donald Trump is a Populist. Trump is neither a Conservative nor a Reagan-Republican, he used the party for political gain.

I am sick of Donald Trump.

I am sick of Joe Biden.

You should be too.

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