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Free Speech in Action -or- I am a Real American

Earlier this week, I wrote about Donald Trump and Jesus. I'm not going to rehash that article, but what I am going to say is that the article wasn't real. It didn't happen. It was political theater.

Most of what happens in America is political theater. You know what's real? What happens in Russia is real. What happens in Israel is real. What happens in Ukraine is real.

This week, Vladimir Putin suggested that former Wagner Boss Yevgeny Prigozhin caused his own demise, "Prigozhin and his men likely got drunk or possibly high, and were playing with grenades."

So let me get this straight. Putin orchestrated the occupation of Crimea, the invasion of Ukraine, used Prigozhin as the muscle in the invasion, and then disavowed the leader after allegedly staging a coup? Then, after being in some of the most notorious war zones on this planet, Prigozhin slipped and blew himself up on his own plane?


Putin and Prigozhin were brothers in arms in some of the darkest hellholes, not figuratively, but literally. For Putin to have his own henchman assassinated is Hollywood Action Film-level villainy. And then to taunt him to boot?

In Israel this past weekend, all hell broke loose:

You go on over to CNN and they are already spinning. They are framing the attack as another salvo in a 75 year skirmish, "tensions between Israel and the Palestinians have existed since before the nation’s founding in 1948."

Instead of wading into the Israeli-Palestinian Mire right this second, let me return briefly to American Politics. Ask yourself: Did Joe Biden have Donald Trump assassinated? Did Joe Biden have Donald Trump poisoned and sent to a prison camp in the middle of nowhere like Putin did to Alexei Navalny? Did Joe Biden invade Mexico as an diversionary tactic?

You remember all the "mean" things Donald Trump said about Hillary Clinton? Did she show up in jail? Did she learn of the taste of polonium? Did she find herself on the wrong end of a one way ticket to Guantanamo Bay?

No. American Politics is rated PG. It is all about spin, lawyers and image makers. Politics in the old world is rated R. Killing your enemies and making them disappear.

You want to argue that we just ended the War in Afghanistan? Were you in Afghanistan? Were your kids in Afghanistan? Do you remember the nightly news leading with bombings in Kabul for a decade?

The reason Americans put up with perpetual war is because it isn't here. It's over there. Afghanistan was nothing more than a glorified police action. America likes to fight shadow wars. Did we declare war on Afghanistan? Nope, we tried to stop the Taliban. Which one of those guys were in the Taliban? Which ones were in Al Qaeda? It's hard to tell when the enemy doesn't wear name tags.

Israel declared war on Hamas? I can't find Hamas on the map.

Even though I've written about it a dozen times, how many of you know the complicated situation on the ground in the Oblast of Donetsk? Can we, the US of A, solve that? We cannot.

So we are doing the very minimum that an American website can do, which is wave our free speech flag.

We support Ukraine. But at some point, Ukraine has no path to victory. Ukraine has to settle. They have to cede Crimea, Donetsk, Luhansk, and then Zaporizhia and Kerson south of the Dnieper River. it pains me to say it.

We support Israel. But at some point the Israelis have to recognize the West Bank as the State of Palestine. Then, if the West Bank bombs Israel, then the government of Israel declares war on the government of the West Bank, and then Israel annexes it. It's that simple.

No more shadow wars. Pull American troops out of all countries except for those whose government, on public record, asks for us to be there on a training basis.

If we send troops to war zones, put the president in jail. That will stop them from circumventing Congress. Hold the Congress' feet to the fire, make them declare war to send troops ANYWHERE.

CNN wants to put Trump in jail for inciting January 6?

As long as we put "The Squad" in jail for inciting BLM Riots.

Yesterday I was in Columbus and I watched Palestinians march in front of the Columbus Convention Center in SUPPORT of Hamas attacking Israel. I saw it with my own eyes.

On 9/11. there were reports of people of Middle Eastern Descent cheering for the hijackers. Pull the 9/11 Howard Stern show tape, pull the local archive of WTAM's 9/11 radio shows. That happened on a small scale, but it still happened.....

Where is this article going? Am I still in a Covid Fog?

No one wants to fight for free speech anymore, let alone fight in a real war, so I stand on my soapbox and figuratively scream into the air, "how did we get minutes away from World War III?"

Channeling my inner Hunter S. Thompson: "the unwieldy mix of anti-depressants versus the gravity of world's events has caused the neurons to behave in a cascadingly erratic fashion. Reality is no longer tethered to the mind like an anchor, but is interpreted as art from a small seismic implosion."

I fight from my keyboard under the covers, frantically typing about problems I have no power to solve. The New American Way.

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