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Glenn Beck's 2020 Vision (Revisited)

Everything that I have ever written for Beacon of Speech is still on the Beacon of Speech website. Right or wrong, timeless or dated.

To this day, I sometimes tweak old articles, but never in content, only due to spelling/grammatical errors or outdated links.

If I had to name the worst article out of the 550 or so I've done? Probably Glenn Beck's 2020 Vision written way back in 2016. Why was it so bad? Because I predicted that when Trump lost the 2016 election, Glenn Beck would be the face of the Republican Party moving forward. I speculated that Beck may even run for President in 2020.

Not only did I misread the tealeaves of a Trump Victory in 2016, but Beck became Trump's biggest supporter in 2020. How in the HELL did I miss that so bad, and, more importantly, how did Glenn Beck inexplicably switch his allegiances from the Constitution Party's candidate Darrell Castle to Donald Trump

Let's revisit some mistakes we made 4 years ago...

4 years ago Beacon of Speech was taking its infant breaths, but we were enthusiastic supporters of Libertarian Gary Johnson. Today, we are still a Libertarian leaning website, but only to throw rocks at the Democrat and Republican Corporations that have EQUALLY gummed up the cogs of democracy in America. Beacon of Speech is still small potatoes, but we still have our principals.

Glenn Beck and the Blaze? Holy shit, where do we start?

Not only did Darrell Castle come in Sixth in the 2016 election, but after the bombast of a Trump Presidency had just started, something funny happened over at the Blaze, the Blaze Mothership began to take on water. Lots and lots of water. The general public didn't have any use for an independent voice in the Liberal/Conservative mudslinging that continued well past election day. Within a year, Glenn Beck had announced "mass layoffs." By 2018, Glenn Beck was looking for a cash infusion as his empire teetered on "implosion." Late in 2018, The Blaze merged with CRTV LLC and, all of a sudden, Donald Trump, who Glenn Beck called Hitler as late as 2016, was a great guy.

By 2019, BlazeMedia was loaded with Conservative Hitmen and Trump Lackeys. What changed in 3 short years? Everyone at BlazeMedia decided that the greatest danger to America is unchecked Liberalism and there was no greater attacker of Liberalism in this country than Donald Trump, Trump's shortcomings notwithstanding.

Since 2015, Beacon of Speech has been very consistent. Trump is an immoral, right leaning populist. Trump is not, and has never been, Hitler.

Since 2015, The Blaze has done a complete 180° in thinking. First Trump was Hitler, then Trump turned into the Great Defeater of "Trained Marxists"....


Let's be honest here. Because I feel like I am starting to ramble on.

Glenn Beck didn't become the face of the party, he sold out to the Party.

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1 comentario

21 nov 2020

Glenn Beck is one of the biggest douches in media. (just my $.02)

Me gusta
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