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Goodbye Daily Beast

Went over to the Daily Beast today and tried to read some stories. TRIED.

Trump is a shyster? Yeah, that should be common knowledge by now. Next.

Charles will be King? PAY WALL

Gaetz Scandal? Old News.

Trumpy OAN goes Latin? PAY WALL

Bad Trump Fanatics? PAY WALL

NY Times and Michael Phelps? Really a non-story. Phelps' Biographer wrote nice things about him at the NY Times? We are talking about swimming.

Hydration Packs? That is a paid ad.

Who is paying for the Daily Beast? So I thought of all of the people that I know who would identify themselves as Left Wing and had the capability to pay for the Daily Beast, I would reach out to one of them. I texted my friend Xxxxx. Xxxxx is a lefty, his wife is a lefty, and his adult daughters are both lefties. Xxxxx comes from a strong Union background and is very politically engaged. Both Xxxxx and I find common ground talking about the stupidity of Donald Trump. I asked Xxxxx "do you pay for the Daily Beast Insider?"

He said "no." Again, in my head, I chose the person MOST LIKELY to pay for the Daily Beast. If I texted my partner at BOS I already know his reply, "why would I pay for that garbage?"

Xxxxx is not a cheapskate. He pays for multiple entertainment and streaming options. I don't know anyone who pays for news. No one.

Outlets like CNN or NBC can afford online losses if they make it up on the broadcasting side of the business model. What else does the Daily Beast do besides the website? Seriously? Crossword Puzzles and Podcasts?

Let's look up the most popular News Podcasts. Maybe I'm the jerk. Nope, no Daily Beast there either.

I tried to see if the Daily Beast was in trouble. Didn't see anything online. Maybe they have a secret scam, like they pay their employees in Monopoly money. I did see that Dennis Kucinich's daughter is on the staff.

I am perplexed. How many ways can I say it?

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