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Hunter Biden: Scumbag

Updated: Nov 4

Let me give you 2 real life examples about addiction:

Female Cousin X:

Cousin X experimented with drugs in high school, but more or less lived a lower-middle class existence. In her 20's, she married, had 3 kids, and had a condo. She eventually got hooked on harder drugs, lost a ton of weight, got divorced, and abandoned the kids. About 5 years ago, she disappeared into the streets of Cleveland as a human skeleton. Through intermediaries, we learned she was living with her boyfriend and a few other junkies in one of Cleveland's finer $20,000 houses. (Not a Typo.)

Addiction ruined her life.

Male Cousin Y:

Cousin Y drank alcohol throughout his youth, but more or less lived a upper-middle class existence. In his 30's, he got married, had 2 kids, and a very nice house in the suburbs. He eventually got hooked on harder drugs and got divorced. But Cousin Y had a support system, he ended up living rent-free at another cousin's place and gets to work in cars loaned to him from various family members. As long as he takes care of his kids half the time, his safety net has not collapsed....yet. Cousin Y has had 16 jobs in the last 30 months. You would never know Cousin Y was an addict, unless you had a conversation with him where he would absolutely convince you that he's going to be a millionaire with his Micro-Dosing/Mushroom Business. Micro-Dosing is not what ended his marriage.

Addiction ruined his life.

So today at the USA TODAY:

Hunter Biden: I fought to get sober. Political weaponization of my addiction hurts more than me.

My struggles and my mistakes have been fodder for a vile and sustained disinformation campaign against my father, President Joe Biden, and an all-out annihilation of my reputation.

by Hunter Biden






Here's the most offensive quote:

"The weaponization of my addiction by partisan and craven factions represents a real threat to those desperate to get sober but are afraid of what may await them if they do."

And it's back to the vast Right-Wing Conspiracy talk.

The reason I know about Hunter Biden is because he used his contacts in the government to make millions of dollars in both China and Ukraine. At the very minimum, what he did was unethical, more likely, his connections were criminal.

But since it's harder to convict Hunter on business contacts that MANY politicians do on the down low, his political enemies are using his addiction to get the justice that they believe he has avoided in his other dealings.

Think of Hunter Biden as Al Capone. Al Capone didn't go to jail for killing anyone or running a bootlegging empire, he went to jail for tax evasion. Republicans are grasping for the equivalent of tax evasion charges so they can nail Hunter Biden for something.

Hunter Biden laments Joe's Enemies are using his addiction against him? Hunter Biden should kneel down and pray to God that he's not dead, living in a crack house, or crashing in his cousin's basement. Not writing guest-ops at the USA Today trying to spin away his crimes as youthful indiscretions. Hunter Biden may be both the poster child of Rich Privilege and Political Nepotism.

According to NBC News: "Unfortunately, Hunter Biden seems a lot like somebody whose primary profession is being Joe Biden’s son."


My reply is YES, THEM TOO!!!

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