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The Coronavirus & The Rich

Here's the primary issue that seems to be eluding Donald Trump in relation to his coronavirus treatment. I don't want to go on a 10,000 word diatribe, I want to sum up the issue using one example: Remdesivir.

Remdesivir is an anti-viral drug that didn't exist a generation ago. Hell, I can't even find any references to it before the year 2015. It was originally developed to treat Hepatitis C and was tested for use against Ebola. In either case, Remdesivir wasn't more effective than treatments already in use.

Developed by the biopharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences, Remdesivir isn't found in nature. It was created by....


Do you have a Masters in Bioengineering?

The point is, there is no stockpile of Remdesivir in warehouses. As soon as it is made, it is shipped. One series of treatments cost $3,120. Not everyone can get the treatment because it is being rationed.

Doctor X: "Oh, you have coronavirus? Let's get you on Remdesivir right away."


The protocol is, in order to get Remdesivir, you either have to be on a respirator or be on supplemental oxygen because there's not enough Remdesivir for everyone. That's why CNN went crazy that the President was on the drug. It either meant Trump was doing worse than he was letting on (possible), or he was circumventing protocol (also possible). Why is it short supply? Because Gilead isn't limiting its use to the United States, it just sold thousands of units to the EU. The U.S. Government does not dictate the means of distribution, meaning Gilead dictates the cost and distribution.

Now don't get me wrong, Gilead is making the stuff as fast as they can, but when the coronavirus first hit, lockdowns were effective in buying Americans time. Now that the federal government's philosophy seems to be that we're going to let this thing burn through the population, there has to be a plan (which there obviously isn't.)

When I had my Covid 19 test this summer, it took me 6 days to get the test then the results.

When my wife (who works at the hospital), took her Covid 19 test, it took 24 hours to get the results.

When the Billionaire President got Covid 19, he got the test immediately. Got results immediately. Got re-tested to get confirm results immediately. Was immediately put on Remdesivir, REGN-COV2, Dexamethasone, Supplemental Oxygen, and a half dozen vitamins.

Let's say I got Covid 19 today. Today is Saturday. I call my doctor, I get an answering service. I tell them I am symptomatic with Covid. Fever, chills, headache, lost sense of smell. Answering service asks if I can breathe. I say yes, they tell me to self-quarantine until Monday. Don't go anywhere. Wait until Monday, doctor says he's booked up, he schedules Covid test at testing center for Tuesday. Take the test Tuesday, results will hopefully be back between Wednesday and Friday. Say I wake up on Wednesday and can't breathe. Go to Emergency room, wedged between overdose cases and seniors with chest pain, I wait anxiously trying not to touch anything so I don't pick up any other bugs in the waiting area.

Once inside, the staff treats me like I'm holding a plutonium rod in my hand. Let's just say that the ER ISN'T overrun with patients. Best case scenario, I get ANY type of treatment 5 days after contacting the doctor. I ain't getting any of that magic Remdesivir for a WEEK. "Best case scenario" (and by best case, I mean worst case scenario, like they're intubating me,) my case would have had to have slowly unraveled, basically unmonitored, for 5-7 days.

When the President's condition slightly deteriorated, he was flown to the hospital 8 miles away by helicopter and had a fleet of doctors at his command. Donald Trump received different care than you or me because he was rich. Your argument is that he got the A+ treatment because he was President?

When is the last time you met a poor person in a national position of power?

If Donald Trump really thinks that you or I will get the same treatment as he did, he is an imbecile. If Donald Trump is selling you that the coronavirus is nothing more than the flu based on the expert medical care that he received, he got it and he's fine.

That is sinister.

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